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Daughter and surgeon

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My daughter saw the Rheumatologist privately through my ex hubby BUPA she wasn't over keen on him but he sent her for an MRI as she was in so much pain he said to her you only had one done january last hear nothing will have changed,However when she returned his reaction was different he told her she has a labral tear ( not sure i spelt that right ) its like a tendon or something rounder hip which she is in so much pain with he also said about joint disease said she was low in Vitamin D and something else which she couldn't remember what it was. He referred her to orthopaedic surgeon she saw hi last night and he turn round and said no not much change on the scan go and exercise she said she sat they and just wanted to cry because her pain has got so much worse i the last 6 months she has had fybro for about 5 years.She said this guy was very abrupt and rude which a sits private they are normally a lot friendlier when she left she cried. If the rheumatologist told her there was big change in the last year why down the ortho guy see it. she had looked it up on the internet and it stated if it is not sorted she will get osteoarthritis. she said to me last night that she didn't want to end up like me she did say she didn't mean it in a bad way. what is it with these drs. i mean my knees are bone on bone my hips are not much better and they just say it may make it worse if they'd anything surgically. well surely that should be my call to be honest i would sooner take the risk as this pain is driving me mad my hips and knees hurt so much and my left hand which i did have surgery on 5 Weeks ago but its in a moulded plastic splint i fell over during the week and am wondering if i broke my hand but even if i had all they would do initially would be put a brace on as its so swollen. i thought i was seeing psychiatrist today but i got my days mixed up and its tomorrow. recently moved into a council flat but there are some people i the area that i am literally scared of so emailed the council and a man who deals with this area came round and told me they are aware of whats going on and they are leasing with the police i am looking to move if i can get someone to swap or i can go on the list again and if i supply a letter from the psychiatrist and GP then i could be banded higher on the council otherwise they would say i have adequate accommodation.

2 Replies


I am so sorry to read of your daughters treatment with a private doctor of all people! It may help if she can get a letter / report form the Rheumatologist and take it to her NHS GP?

I am also very sorry to read of the issues that you are having with people in your area. I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I also want to wish you all the best of luck with your next appointment.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


She needs to start taking some things to help her rather than relying on a pill pills do not work otherwise we would get cured hey,

If she can take some Borax and Magnesium both internally and 2 cups of Epsom salt and one cup of borax in a bath will work wonders ignore the pharmaceuticals scare tactics in putting us off borax so we buy there pills

Squalene try and get some that has no smell like cod liver oil you could dry some stinging nettles out as these end up very high in squalene and use high quality olive oil again low heat when cooking.

and Iodine in distilled water 2 drops every few hours these are a start and will benefit her greatly. research what I have told you and she will feel a lot better,

kelp is good and boneless sardines (good for omega 3s) watercress (very high in sulphur and a source of iodine) stinging nettles both dried and fresh (dried decreases the nutrients by 90% but enhances squalene by 4 and fresh is about the most nutrient dense food we can get) , alf alfa is another nutrient dense food, sea salt (contains around 76 more minerals than table salt 2.3% of which is toxic) and raw honey (contains 18 amino acids and 6 enzymes dependant on soil as well as hydrogen peroxide) are all extremely good for us and contain almost all the nutrients we need remember your body uses 80% of the energy to digest and excrete the food so we need far less food than what we eat. once the pain goes if you sue the borax and magnesium and squalene it should be gone within a week max then start walking at least 5 miles a day this is enough exercise but the squalene will really boost her energy levels.

cut out dairy as the inorganic calcium and really high oestrogen levels really mess with our system there is no calcium in it that humans can use it is really bad for us and causes arthritis and blocks your arteries, cut out pork as this is completely toxic to us with 140 influenza viruses that are not destroyed by heat.

you should try and cut out refined sugar as well but not fruit as this is good sugar and high in fibre which is needed to balance the bacteria in your stomach which is a cause of 70% of all disease in our body.

start taking some organic sea salt (not Himalayan) as this contains minerals that we are deficient in

try and cook your food below 55 Celsius as any hotter than this then the amino acids bend and are toxic to us over a certain age as our bodies can't get rid of them

once she has got her mineral and vitamin levels up then learn about fasting, fasting pretty much cures everything that can be cured as your body goes through itself and clears out all the damage.

stop taking any supplements as the majority of them don't work taking a suppository enhances the absorption of anything by 70%.

start massaging the soles of the feet with sesame seed oil soak the feet then massage, pure water should be used as much as possible

you could also take some RAW organic apple cider vinegar (braggs) this is from apples unlike most of the other apple cider vinegars. you can combine raw honey with the vinegar as it enhances it as well as a couple of grams a day of sodium bicarbonate get the medical one as it has no lead or arsenic in it like the one that is used in our food.

just because the pharmaceutical companies can't cure a disease doesn't mean nature can't doctors know very little about nutrition for some unexplainable reason (money maybe)


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