Being mistreated by doctors and nurses! Fibromyalgia pain and treatment...I need help

Hi everyone,

So I recently went to the ER because I was having a Fibro flare and I tried to contact my gp but when I finally got through the nurse was very rude and said "if you are in that much pain go to the ER!" She sounded annoyed and said it in a yelling tone. Anyway so I went to the ER as I was told and when I get there the nurse and Doctor were very rude also. The first thing they asked was when was the last time I had narcotics for pain I said the las time was about a year ago for a tooth extraction prescribe by my dentist and proceeded to asked them why they asked. Well the doctor didn't respond but during the check up he put so much pressure on my shoulders and neck that I was in tears to what he said you're okay it's just a muscle strain, no test, nothing just like that he said I'm gonna give a muscle relaxant and that should be enough and walked out. When the nurse came in she had the syringe and told me that was the muscle relaxant and proceeded to inject my arm without any notice she just grabbed my arm and stuck the needle so hard in my arm I scream and started crying. The pain of the injection was just too much my husband was with me and asked why she do that to what she responded "just doing my job" She left and said she would come back with discharge paper. Sure enough she did and said your good to go and added "you should call your doctor before coming to the ER" I said I did and that they sent me to the ER and I said you can check on your computer (it's the same networks so they have access to all my Drs) and I told her I want you to check. So she did and then apologized and asked me if I wanted to have the dr run some test but I said no thanks I'm going to go home and call my insurance tomorrow. My husband grabbed the discharge papers and we left. This is not the first time I had a miscarriage a few months ago and I was in so much pain because of contractions and all they gave me was ibuprophen, which did nothing but I took it because I don't like narcotics the make me feel unwell.

Any way how do to deal with doctors and nurses that treat you like this?

I find it so hurtful and hard to deal with this on top of the physical pain. My gp is not much better either, she refuses to send me to a pain management doctor or a rheumatologist And currently I'm on no treatment at all. What do i do? Please help me?

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  • I am so sorry you are being treated like this.

    I am very lucky to have a GP who does her best to help me.

    I truly hope some of the others can give you advice on how to move forward with this.

  • Hello Isabella21 on reading your message am I right you are in USA? I,m not sure what the protocol is for going to ER (or A&E accident and emergency called in uk) BUT since you pay insurance to get treatment you should get it at the point of need as we do with our NHS. Since your g.p is reluctant to send you to a specialist who can advise on better treatment and therapy for your conditions, can you not do it via your Insurers? Ask them and suggest it might save numerous vitsits with pain to ER if you saw a specialist to sort you out? Its difficult here as we have different rules on using emergency care, could you contact a Rheumatologist privately (although I think you already pay into this system). Perhaps go see one who is in a large teaching hospital out of Town , here in UK I found the larger hospitals have more informed medics with better knowledge and training and they take an interest in Fibro and related illness..Good Luck let us know if you succeed.

  • Hi Isabella21

    I'm sorry to hear about your struggle with getting any help.

    As you are in the US I don't know what the best thing for you to do is other than change your doctor.

    We do have a forum friend from the US called peck. I am wondering whether she may be able to give you some advice.

    Wishing you less pain and more peace

    Lu x


  • That sounds pretty cruel to me.....I hope you can get some good advise soon...maybe from Peck? x

  • Feel so sorry for you. How disgusting. I would love to see them cope with a flare.😈 Rise above it and keep pushing for a referral. Good luck. Take care x

  • Hi Isabella21 , My name is Peck and I live in the US as well.U am fortunate that I was diagnosed in 1999 before medication became such an issue in the US as I'm sure your aware of.I was diagnosed by my primary care doctor. I can only suggest seeing if you can find another doctor as you said the one you have now is not very kind and I do believe that to be true.You may have to for go using insurance and make an appointment on your own to see a specialist you believe would be helpful to you. I wish you the very best. Take care. Peck.🐤

  • Hi Isabella21

    I am so genuinely sorry to read of your awful treatment, and I have pasted for you below a link to The Official US Government Site For Medicare


    It tells you how to make a complaint and to contact your state medical board and gives you a state by state zip code finder. It also offers you other issues to make a complaint about with your treatment.

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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