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Job centre moan

These work assesment interviews are doing my head in, i had to sit in the jc for 2 hours last Friday, pretending i worked there lol, to get me used to the work environment, should be used to that by now after 45 years of working lol. I was too late for my appeal to be changed from the wrag to sg, but i have written to them anyway since i was awarded higher mobility rate, jc stresses me out i hate the place , well more i hate mixing with the people in that go in there, i have nothing in common with them , one women i was with last week couldnt string a sentence together, may be i am a snob huh, I WANT TO RETIRE, do you hear that Mr Cameron, i am 60 please dont make me try to get another job, thats if they can find me one that can cope with ME and my arthritic body, just off that subject , i am having some problems with pains in my calf muscles (i can wait for 3 weeks for Drs app lol), and they feel really hard, any idea anyone.

Moan over , have a good day all

angelm xx

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Sounds horrid. Gosh I would even get there, let alone last the duration! What happens if you can't manage it?

I am awaiting assessment


Well they say that you have to go , wonder what they would do if i couldnt manage it one day , on Saturday i have to and take 3 months Bank statement , nosy buggers want to know if anyone is paying me , worried my daughter as she as been paying me back some money she owed me and paying back in small amounts like £40 or £30, but it has her name next to it and Mom lol xx


Some people, for one reason or another didn't benefit from the education system however they are still worthy of help and assistance. I do understand your point I too am 60 and worked from 15 years of age until the age of 49 when I had to stop through ill health. We manage on my Husbands disability payment and two work pensions. Very few people starting out now will ever benefit from work pension, I have no solution I do understand your frustration. Lou x


I was just having a moan Lou, i hate going in there, i get by, live on my own but have a lovely son, daughter in law, daughter , son in law and 2 gorgeous granddaughters, as well as 3 sisters, 2 brothers and all their families, we are very close and all gather at my moms (she is 85), or if i cant go out they will all come to me, full house some days , i am blessed really xx

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That's it I count my blessings daily I too have a wonderful family. xx


Sending hugs! I'm currently studying politics, my plan is to overthrow the government and take back our rights!!! One day anyway....

Karen x


Hi Karen, I will join you in that one, i want the right to retire at 60 lol xx


Hi angelm54

I am so sorry to read that. I do not think that I would fancy that myself either?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi. I was about to post a thread about ME and signing on. I used to work for myself but since my business went bump I have realized that i have no choice but to sign on. I have got my first appointment today (dreading it)! Do I tell them I have ME and if I do will they say I shouldn't be on the dole. This may well be in my favour they may get me on esa. What should I do. i am due to go at 8.45 am today so please reply before then!


Sorry I didn't get back to you, did you tell th, you need to see your doctor and get h to give you a medical certificate xo


Hi angelm54. Yes I did tell them I have got an appointment with the disability adviser next week. When I had my interview she asked me if i thought I was fit to work and she said I might be best to go on esa. I am worried that if I have to go on esa that my doctor will not give me a medical certificate as he doesn't seem to see what is in front of him. He will not diagnose ME or fibro, he just keeps telling me I have different things every time I see him. First of all he told me I had problems with my thyroid then he told me it was anxiety he has now said I am bordering on anemia which is why I feel so tired (what an understatement). When I gave him a list of my symptoms ( I gave him a written list) I could see the cogs going round in his brain and I was dying to tell him it was ME. He has also sent me to the hospital which is nearly an hours drive away to have a 24hr heart monitor as I though it came back normal (what a waste of petrol).


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