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Letter from job centre

Got letter today from job centre asking me to go to a work focus interview in October .as hubby is claiming esa and of work but handing sick notes in for 6 months .I suffer with fibromyalgia.degetive dease in back .fused ankle another operation on 30th .many more problems and in a wheel chair .I can't sit for a hour during interview .what can I do dreading it if don't go they will stop our money but what will they do .please advice Got enough worries with out this and hospital appointment s

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Hi Tinkerbell66, I to have a letter from the job centre for a work focused interview. I have just moved so I am seeing someone totally new to me and I am s******g it if I can be blunt. At my old job centre the guy I had was very sympothetic towards me and after seeing me once he just used to ring me when It was due for my interview to save me having to go in the office. But I know now that this. New one is not going to be like this. I am the same as you can not sit for an hour so I keep getting up and moving around just do what ever you need to do to keep yourself pain free as possible. I know it is not easy but be totally honest with them you can't sit you cant stand for long you get tired easily etcetera, the more you can tell them the better. I am going to get them to reconsider my work related as in the last 12 months I have gone down hill so I am going for it now I have moved to a bungalow it show that I am doing things to make my life a little easier. But it depends if they listen or not. Good look Hunny I hope you get through it ok xx


Hi tinkerbell66

I just wanted to wish you all the best of luck with your interview and I genuinely hope that you get your desired outcome. Just be yourself and if you need to stand tell them that you cannot sit for so long and that you need to stand up for a few minutes? (Ensure when arising that you make it look like an right royal effort to get up?), you can't be too careful?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


You do not mention if you are claiming any benefit? If you are I would call them. My wife had one of these and even though we told them she was working part time they insisted she has to go! I am on Support ESA. When we got there with all her pay slips showing she has been working for years and the hours she does etc. The interviewer said so why are you here ??? We told her we were told we had to or I would lose my benefit? She apologised and said do you want a complaint form? We just said to speak to the person from this office that we spoke to and make sure that she gets her facts right before causing us/anyone all this stress!

Hope it goes well for you.


Hello Tinkerbell66,

I wondered are you on ESA & in Support Group or is this part of being placed into WRAG?

Or is it, part of this recent information we've been hearing from Neil1st DPAC about voluntary letters being sent out? Please see link to another post about it;

I look forward to your reply

Best Wishes

Emma Jefferies :)

FibroAction Administrator


Hi mdaisy ,no India as my husband claims esa as of work due to a bad back and waiting for work to finish him his works ot are waiting for a specialist report to finish him .so he claiming for me .I'm not in a support group at all and receive ing dla .but just put in more care .wrong them up today explained about operation tomorrow but still have to go in physio could not believe what they want be to do.and even he said I couldn't hold a job .so watch this space .Will not be on here for a few days I will be out of it .so to speak .lol .fourth operation on ankle .


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