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Good news in one way, i had my pip interview at the end of October and just 12 days later got my award, the enhanced mobility, now does anyone know if i can ask to be moved to the support group instead of wrag, i have been to 3 interviews in the past 2 weeks and got one this Saturday (of all days), with mobility i am finding it difficult to keep attending , does anyone know if i can ask to be moved.

Thank you

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  • That's good news. Surely they should now consider you for the Support Group.

    Have you got a copy of the both assessments to check. I think the criteria vary (or set out differently).

    I am awaiting my ESA assessment. Would you kindly share with me what happens in the assessment? My am awarded dla high mobility due to poor mobility, work ill health ended my contract . So I am the other way round to you. I woulndt be able to physically attend work related groups & I don't want to worsen my symptoms.


  • Hi thank you for the reply, i had to go to the centre in Birmingham for the assessment and basically she went through the form i had filled in, didnt ask for my medical records (annoyed at that), she could she i was in pain and walk with a stick, then a few physical tests, like sitting on the bed and raising my legs, squeezing her hand to assess strength, ridiculous really , how that determins my pain etc i dont know, i was then placed in the wrag group, whereas another women i worked with , who isnt as bad as me , got put in the support group, i really dont think they know what they are doing, nut Atos has finished now its someone else, though i have heard they are as bad, hope this helps x

  • Thank you. It seems to be down to who assesses from stories heard. Its all stress creating. I suffer CFS/ME/FM, have to use horrid stick too..Grrr!

    You should ask for a review for Support group.


  • Hi angelm54

    That is really wonderful news to read, congratulations. I would personally ask and see what they say? I want to wish you all the best of luck with this.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thank you Ken, not been on for a bit , not been well but i am ok again now, bad cold thats all , that wouldnt go, and i think my tinnitus has returned grrrr, have a good day x

  • You can request to be put in the supported group but it has to be in writing. Good luck

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