Conjunctivitis Virus - can it cause blurred vision afterwards?

Hi all

I caught conjunctivitis from my sister and so I am assuming it is viral although the pharmacist told my sister that hers had gone bacterial. I caught it and was in bed for over a week, wiped out, red swollen weeping eyes, cough and lack of appetite.

After a week I started taking antibiotics and am feeling quite a bit better. However although my eyes are not red and swollen any more, they are still quite sore and I notice that the TV is more blurred than before in my left eye. I am hoping this is just temporary and still the virus clearing up but am worrying because I read that infections can spread to the cornea. I don't know how long to give it to clear up. It started over a week ago. I have also used eye drops for the eyes but have stopped using those now as you could only use them for five days.


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  • I'm a bit confused. You mention, more than once, viral infections. Yet you have been treated with antibiotics which are only effective on bacterial infections, they have no effect on viral infections.

    Most eye infections can be passed from person to person wether they are viral or bacterial.

    Your eyes are obviously very important so if you still have some blurring then see a Dr.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • Thanks Sewnsew - Yes I know about the antibiotics situation but in the past I have been prescribed them after chest infections because of the likelihood of secondary (and I assume bacterial infection). I had pleurisy in the past and also whenever I've had viral infections that linger antibiotics have invariably helped as they have this time, without a shadow of a doubt. But I am worried about the blurring so will book an appointment with my GP next week!

  • Hi, I can understand the antibiotics then if you have had pleurisy, you don't want to go there again!

  • No, you're right there! It was horrible. It was years ago but I had it twice in the same year or maybe it was the same bout that came back!

  • Slightly off subject but my wife had an allergic reaction to a body spray. and her eyes had similar affect to Conjunctivitis. To such a level that it scared her eyeballs slightly. She got some drops that she had to put in for many months to keep them moist and to help repair them. Might be worth a visit to the opticians for advise?

    Be Well

  • Hi Offcut. Thanks for replying. I've just spoken to the doctor and he reassured me that it will take a bit of time but as my eyes aren't red and swollen any more that is a good sign! He suggested eye drops which I was going to get - I was using some with antibiotics and have just used some now until I can get the normal sort. But it is definitely a virus as my sister had it. A friend of mine also said that a pharmacist had wrongly diagnosed her son with an allergic reaction and he ended up having to be treated as an emergency because he'd been given the wrong treatment so I hope your wife got the right treatment for hers.

  • yes a lot better but still has some scratches as a result

  • Glad she's a lot better.

  • thank you

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