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Hypermobility.......what are the symptoms and how do you find out if you have it?

Im wondering, after reading several posts, if i too have this issue. Its especially in my knee and if often feels as though it is literally going to dislocate. I am a Fibromyalgia sufferer and wondered if this is connected or a totally seperate issue? Any help/advice/suggestions ? :-)

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I have HMS - Hypermobility Syndrom- as well as Fibromyalgia and many of the symptoms overlap. I never realised this until a previous GP of mine gave me a newspaper cutting that she had found about it. Most of the treatment for it is almost identical to Fibromyalgia.




Hi there I also have HMS and Fibro............... to high severity and echo Jilly with respect to treatments. The problem that I find is not overdoing or underdoing things its difficult to fight the right balance especially as the fibro makes the pain worse!!! I can roll over in bed and my knees pop out, if I type too much my fingers pop out If walk or am on my feet it sets my hips and back off too so managing the pain through medications and trying to exercise for the HMS is a nightmare for me.

For example:- Its been a week since I had a physio assessment and I still cannot move about too much and I hurt from neck to feet. I have minimal independence at the moment which is depressing and overall the two together are quite common yet not common......... I don't understand the science yet!! but hopefully through my own experience I will one day. I believe that my fibro is a result of the HMS due to the constant dislocations etc and the fact I was an athlete and when I stopped my HMS wasn't being supported through exercise anymore :(

HMS is something you are born with you don't just develop it.......... it is a collagen disorder which can affect everything in your body and be a causal factor towards many illnesses especially ones involving the digestive system like IBS. Exercise is the best thing for it apparently but the fibro makes that hard for me to accomplish.

Please remember that I am not a doctor and this is my personal experience with information given to me by my rheumatologist and pain consultant. Everyone's experience is different. :)

Hope this helps a little

:) xxxzebxxx :) I'm still learning after 20yrs :o


My daughter has HMS in her hip. She was diagnosed by our gp when she went about pain in her hip area a couple of years ago. He said it was no wonder she could do such high karate kicks - her hip was nearly dislocating each time she kicked!

Julie xxx


I didn't realise you could have hypermobility in just one joint, I have a hip problem, sometimes the pain just builds and builds. Years ago I was able to rotate the joint, till it made a loud popping noise, and immediately the pain would cease, my kids called the movement "rovers revenge" lol. Recently I had the pain again and was sent for x-ray which was normal. But now I can't walk far without getting pain in this joint. I have also been told I had bursitis there, can one be confused with the other?


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