Does anybody take viatamin d and find that it has helped with constipation?

I have been plagued with constipation for years. I take cocodamol so that obviously makes me worse.

The thing is I have started on vitamin d and calcium tablets and i have been able to go to the toilet daily with no pain.

I cant beleive it and i hopes it carries on like this, i forgot what it was like. lol

Sorry its a bit personal.

kel xxx

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  • Hha sorry brainfog, it was supposed to say constipation. lol

    kel xxx

  • Thankyou lynn. xxxx

  • I take calcium and vit d, but as I have IBS I havent seen any change

  • Hi lally,

    I dont have ibs it is just constipation due to cocodamol i think.

    kel xxxx

  • i am the same as you.... take vit d for months, suffer terrible constipation... dont feel they help me.. but glad they help others xxx

  • I have trouble with constipation too so might give it a go. I hate the bloating, its so uncomfortable.

  • I hate bloating too and i felt just really lethargic (sorry dont know how to spell) lol, they gave me really bad pains the first day but since then they have seemed to be ok and i still take cocodamol.

    It was just a thought, it might not work for everyone.

    kel xxx

  • Hi Kel,

    I've suffered with terrible constipation since I started taking dihyrocodeine, about 18 months ago, Its really bad I've tried everything from more fibre to laxatives and nothing seems to help mine, the pain is so bad I'm in tears with it quite often, I'll try the vit D and calcium and let you know if it helps.

    Irene x

  • Hi irene,

    Yeah mine is with cocodamol not ibs or anything like that, and sometimes it was similar to labour pains i got and i have movicol, but i dont like the taste and it didnt do much good.

    I started these tablets on monday, i had very bad pains at first then since then i have been normal.

    It might not work but it will do you no harm trying (i hope not).

    I did get the vitamin d tablets for very low vitamin d in me by the way, it is just so happens it has helped me in that department too. lol

    kel xxx

  • is vit D the vitamin you get from sunshine?

  • hi jazher!

    My nails have improved! hopefully it will restore natural order in your bowels! I have taken dulcolax before - excellent results - my GP has now prescribed it for me......anyway how did we get onto this discussion on such a lovely day!?!?


  • I no sorry, just had to shout it out on the roof tops, i am that chuffed lol.

    Hopefully my nails will improve too lol.

    thanx, kel xxx

  • i am on vitamin d and calcium and my bowels are good but changed colour to lighter brown has yours bit worried

  • Hi cheryle,

    I am not sure hun,

    But i would think you should only worry if it was blood colour hun (i think)

    kel xxxx

  • thanks hun might see my doctor on monday to c what she

  • Yeah you are always best to mention it if its bothering you. :)

    Good luck with docs on monday.

    kel xxxx

  • Hi cheryle,this colour is due to the vitD and calcium nothing to worry about.Quite healthy really as you are exspelling quicker.

    Whish I could say same haven`t been for a week!!!!!!!!

    Hugs Butterfly xxxx

  • thanks.x

  • My doctor prescribed me some orange fibre drink, its horrible and like drinking snot! lol I just cant take them the taste is ok its the texture of them they make me feel sick and gag, I've tried sennakot max and many other laxatives but the only thing that works for me is the old fashioned chocolate exlax but I can't take it all time.

    Irene x

  • Love Fibrogel - especially if you let it rest for a little while and it goes all gloopy. Doesn't make me go (gunpowder has a problem) just love the taste.

  • i have lactolose it works okay tastes rubbish lol x

  • hi i will try that vit d and calcium worth a shot isnt it i have jus been diagnosed with waht they think may be ibs i have laxido sachets/peppermint capsules and senna but am going out today to get those and give them a rty will let you know the outcome1 lol do you really want to know though ??? love diddle x

  • Haha diddle what are you like. :)

    Like i said before hun, i havent got ibs though, its just my cocodamol that makes me bunged up, so i dont know what it will do to help you hun.

    But hey it will give you well needed vitamins though, its perked me up a bit. :)

    thanx, kel xxxx

  • i have cocodamol and are constipated i have sodium pico sulphate of my g.p. and this works but thay wont give it to you long term nothing else works for me ,i have ben told if you have linseed tabs that works x

  • Hmmm.interesting conversation.I have "that" trouble,especially lately (again) since I started taking tablets for high BP, a couple of months ago. At first it was Ramipril but they made me cough(drove me mad) and now Amlodipine.I will ask my GP about it next time I see him.Ive got a really good doc, btw.

  • Thanx julie and bumblebee.

    I havent taken them for constipation but for low vitamin d, and since starting them this is what i have found. :)

    I am not sure that your gp will give you them as laxitives lol, but you could always try.

    Its just a bonus for me that it has helped in that department as well as giving my well needed vitamin d levels upped.

    kel xxx

  • I am on tramadol so been told to stop the co-codamol although warned tramadol wont help constipation either, I had the movicol for a while bt hated the taste and after a while just stomach cramps, nothing else. Have lactulose occasionally but need half a bottle for it to work. Liquorice and prunes help a little but think i will try the vitamin d and calcium. My OT suggested them too and said may get from my doc. Be good if they help cos i am in so muych pain, and bleed to the point i now have to see a colorectal specialist but long waiting list.


  • Hi kia,

    Its horrible isnt it, i actually think its like labour pains sometimes but i cant believe that they are actully helping and it can only be them as i havent changed anything else. Hope you can get some help with it soon. :)

    kel xxx

  • Thanks Kel. It is so painful and yes as bad as labour pains if you ask me, but i reckon thats why i get so many migraines and so much bloating and lethargy. But its the amount of blood that worries me and as a result i been anaemic for last 6months.

    Gentle hugs to you. xx

  • Sorry should also say if that bad and you have anemia please don`t be shy.As the add says talk about poo with your doc.A little exam will show piles and can be dealt with.Love Butterfly xx

  • yes thanks butterfly i do have them badly but nothing seems to stop despite surgery etc they still appear. Hence why she referring me again to specialist. So hateful though hurts so much the exams as well. x

  • I take vitamin B and it has helped my constipation a lot, x

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