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Fibro and Sjogren's syndrome

My doc sent me to the reumathologist thinking I had Sjogren's syndrome due to problems I have with my eyes and mouth. The reumathologist diagnosed me with Fibro and wants to leave the possibility of having Sjogren's out.

She told me that it is normal to have problems with dry eyes and mouth as well with fibro and doesn't mean I also have sjogren's. I am having an eye test and another blood test to make sure.

Has anyone got problems with eyes, throuth and lips dryness?

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Hi smiley,it is not a given that you have dry eyes and mouth with fibro,in fact in all I`ve read about,it`s not there.

Sjogrens which I have is a seperate auto immune problem with very real infalmatory problems which fibro does not.

When you were seen by the rheumatologist did they not do a full blood screen on you.This was how mine was found.

Sjogrens has a lot of similar problems as fibro,fatigue brain fog ect.

I am waiting now to see rheumy again in July after being told I had fibro and then getting a phone call to say I have Sjogrens,it`s been a long 6 month wait which I think was appalling in the circumstances,just leaving me in limbo.

Don`t let themm do that to you.

My symptoms have been dry mouth,eyes ulcers.skin,loosing teeth,fatigue like you wouldn`t believe.

I wish you well hun love and hugs Butterfly xxxx


Hi Smiley, i suffer with dry mouth/eye my GP & Optician both say its 2 do with my Fibro i also have a light deficiantcy which ive not long found out from this site is also 2 do with Fibro. Over the last 2yrs my eye test results have been different ( worse ) it was my optician who 1st told me i have dry eye & it was 2do with my fibro ( his wife has fibro ) gentle hugs 2 u & 2 u Butterfly54 x


I was told I have dry eyes .and the optition said he also found an ulcer in my right eye that flares up every now and then


i have suffered with a very dry mouth but my doc has said its due to my meds i also have dry eyes doc didnt have an answer for that one I do know a few people with fM they also have those symptoms also having a clicky jaw goes with FM as well xx


I also have a clicky jaw and find impossible to use the mouth guard my dentist did for me.


It's certainly not a given and if you have Sjogrens, pursuing a diagnosis is important, not least because it may be the first sign of additional autoimmune problems.


I have both dry eyes and mouth, different specialists have actually oddly agreed and said that it is a fibro problem. I use Hypromellose for my eyes, and basically either drink, suck or eat whatever I can to ease the dryness. Taking Amitryptiline doesn't help the dryness either.


I have dry eyes but not to the extend that my tears can't keep my eyes healthy- it seems, according to the eye test I had this morning. I use the same eye drops and makes it better. The reumathologist told me that both mouth and eye dryness can be fibro symptoms too. I still need a blood test to leave out the possibility of sjogren's. Good news really! I have enough with the fibro!!!


Do you also get sore throat due to the dryness in your mouth, Sue? I really do and I've had it for so long now that I doubt it's ever going to go away. I think it is what keeps my temperature over 37 all the time.


Yeh I do


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