The clocks go forward tonight

The clocks go forward tonight

The TV has just told me.. Well not the TV. Obviously the presenter on it... So now what do I do... Do I write a large note and pin it some where obvious like my bed.... Do I try to remember in an attempt to fight fibro fog. Do I set an alarm to remind me or should I just make sure its done by putting all clocks on an hour now and remembering to subtract an hour all day..... And now I have finished this blog I am not sure if the clocks go forward or back... So I,ll just wait and see how the day unfolds so I could either be back on here tomorrow incredibly early or late....

I know I should know why the clocks change... But I keep forgetting and why do we need to ?? its just an evil plan to confuse those with bad memories and or fibro fog.... Wanders off wondering things

VG x

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  • Hi Very-Grumpy,

    I am going through a bad time with fibro fog at the moment and can't concentrate on anything for more then a few minutes at a time and forget anything prior to a few minutes before. Think I'll just leave the clocks as they are and change them tomorrow morning (if I remember).

    I've been placed in a work activity group and have been asked to complete an on-line course of my choice. I have been doing this course for 5 weeks and am still on the first page as I can't remember anything so have to go back over everything again and again.

    Bimblemitch :)

  • I so know how you feel I have 3 new books to read... I picked up the first and can I remember what I read not a chance.... I hate fibro fog

    Good luck with your course , I hope you get through it

    VG x

  • What!!! We're losing a whole hour?

    I flatly refuse and shall stay in bed an extra two hours to prove my point!

    I've hated this stupid practice since I was a student nurse. I always seemed to be on night duty when the clocks changed, and they worked it like this:

    1. If you were on duty and worked an extra hour because the clocks had gone back, well, tough luck nursie, that goes with the job!

    2. If you were on duty when clocks went forward and the night was an hour shorter, you 'owed' the hospital an hour, and were expected to make it up on your next shift!

    During the subsequent 50 years, things in the NHS did not improve - in fact they have become worse - at least the patients used to be treated well, if not the staff, now everyone gets a raw deal!

    Discontented of Deptford x

  • I actually see it as a good thing as it will be 1 hour less in front of the TV in the middle of the night! : - )) 1 hour less suffering in pain even if only for one night (Em that just sounds strange) lol

  • I ken ye're Irish, no' Scots, ma laddie!

  • Em well i have been quite confused ever since that time i was naughty and my mum drew a circle with chalk outside the front door and told me to stand in the corner of it! i was going round and round for ages looking for the

    Joking aside though i am definitely Scottish through and through. You know they say Scots can sometimes keep a close eye on their pennies, well i think that may be why i refuse point blank to buy a fridge........I just do not believe that light goes out when you shut the door! And can nay afford to have that light on aw the time!!!

  • :D

  • Aww tam don't let the light situation stop you getting a fridge.... When you close the door unplug your fridge and that will stop the light remaining on :D

  • Ah see it is true the light does not go out!!! i knew it..... i just knew it.

    Could unplug it but with my memory i would never remember to!

    I struggle to remember to unplug the alarm clock at bed time : - )) (cant have it wasting all that power when i am "suppose" to be asleep) What a waste of money that would be....... lol

  • Lol!! So good that you can all make light of the situation....:-)

  • Doh!

  • Wheest laddie, ye're havering!

    I lived and worked in Perth for five years, and found the Scots to be the most generous and kindly of people - except for my boss! :(

    I learned to speak the Doric and the 'Weegie, and I miss my Scots friends so very much!

    Moffy x

  • Very Grumpy, I see the fibro fog as an advantage when it comes to books and films. As soon as I have read or watched them they are out of my head so re reading or watching is still full of suprises.

  • First time in my life I've been thought of as an advantage .......thanks spidey ;-)

  • Exactly spidey and no chance of us filing our brains ... So saves wear and tear on the said organ.....

    VG :)

  • Blimey i read that as if that was me talking there hahahah..

    well what about putting all ya clocks in one place where you spend most your time hahaha then you will wander why there and be even more haha .

    tick tock tick tock , i am fortunate hopefully OH will do it anyway and my phone is automatic i thought that was just so amazing and could not get my head round HOW it does it lol .

    i still cant to this day, but hey ho why we all on here together or should i just speak for oneself haahah ..

    if you remind me , i will remind you, and if they remind us then we will remind each other ;-D xxx

  • What was it we were talking about? :O scratches head and tries to remember ......

  • Fridges :D

  • I change mine before I go to bed .don't lose or gain an hours sleep??just makes the next day shorter or longer whichever way round it is.dont know why they have to change its just to confuse us even more? maybe I can have a lie in- bet my dogs will still wake me when ive only had a few hours sleep.

  • I'll be woken up by my dogs too!

  • I knew it was a bad idea to give dogs watches ......... :)

  • My two have have built in alarm clocks.....denta stix o'clock and.....dinner o'clock :D

    Foggy x

  • Hate savings time every year. It really messes up my already messed up body clock for ages after. But at mo i'm waking up at silly o clock anyway, ie 3 or 4 in morning. So technically, ive had an hours lie in this morning! Gosh I feel soooo refreshed. Not xx

  • You're right, snowbell - it does mess with your inner workings! I always wake at 'sparrow phart', make a cuppa and take meds, then back to bed for a couple of hours relax with a good book! Today I only had one hours relax - s'not fair! :(

    Moffy x

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