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Is hair loss a fibro or hormonal condition?

As a woman in her early fifties I have noticed that my hair is receding and thinning on top, my eyelashes are shorter and not as thick and my eyebrows are disappearing :( being a little vain, only a little! I asked my hairdresser. She thought it was my meds. Asked my doc and she says it is hormonal. Now I am asking the intelligence squad. Do any of you fellow female fibro sufferers have this problem? Sorry gents, not sure you can help with this one :) thanks Susan :)

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I have read that yes you can get hair loss with fibro, only as with everything else with fibro nobody is sure why.It could be stress or fibro itself. the good news is that if the cause is fibro it is probably temperary. I dont have experience of this only what I have read hugs sue xx

Lucky you :) my oh says to forget about it or it could be a perpetual cycle of hair falling out, me fussing and more hair falling out lol but thank you sue. Big hugs to you Susan xx

hi susan, personally i think its a combination of both, my hair's always been fine but has been getting finer & lanker this past couple of yrs, also eyebrows have got finer im the same age group as you so it must be hormones.i bought some of that fibreology shampoo by elvive & i think it has given it a bit more body & it's half price in morrisons atm :)

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Thank you I will definitely give it a go :) thankfully I had a lower hairline and thicker hair to start with, so apparently I am the only one who really notices (apart from the hairdresser) :)

Hi tiredalot40

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you are suffering with hair loss problems at this time, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

I have several website links pertaining to this problem, they talk about hair loss, medication side effects and how to treat the problem. I genuinely hope that you find the links useful.




All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Thank you Ken, I take back my earlier comment that you gents may not be able to help, I forgot that the debonair, handsome and not at all old, Ken also was a mine of info :) Had a look and they are very helpful. Hope you are keeping as well as can be Susan x

Giving me a compliment makes you my new virtual best friend! I had an imaginary friend once, but he was a little s**t and I fell out with him. So he went off to be imaginary friends with somebody else. I would have liked another but I lacked the imagination!

Take care

Ken x

He he, I will try not to be a little s..t!! Given that your screen name is the author does that mean you write, if so you must have some imagination ;) and you did spell Hercule correctly. maybe your friend went to play with mine, I had to get rid of her cos she kept getting me in to trouble :) now I need a replacement to take the blame for my madness :p Applications are to be found at nuthouse.com.

Take care..Susan xx

Could you have thyroid problems as well? Enjoy not having to shave legs but agree thin hair on my head not so good.


Hi Jacqueline, wish I didn't have to shave legs!! legs and arms are the only places not affected. Could be worse :) Thyroid is fine when it was checked a little while back. Susan :)

When I worked as a carer I saw many examples of post menopausal

hair loss. I think its most likely that, as I am in my fifties and beginning to notice similar. It is also something that runs in families, did your mother suffer from thinning at the same sort of age? I know mine did. Hormone patches can apparently reverse this I'm told. Best thing to do of course is speak to your GP. Hope this helps :-)

My mum was grand until she had chemo, but then that understandable :) My GP just says not to worry I probably wont go bald :) like that ever crossed my mind! I am on HRT, along with a small cocktail of other drugs for Fibro, IBS, Gastro problems and hypertension... think I may have cracked it!!! its my drugs, but well dare anyone take them away :) Thanks, you have been helpful. Susan :)

Hi Tiredalot, I couldn't say whether this is due to Fibro or hormones but I have this too - thinning hair on the scalp above the forehead & on the top, thinning eyebrows, sparse armpit and leg hair. I agree, I can do without the leg hair but it really did worry me when I started losing my hair. I'm 27 and that was about 5years ago now. I was worried I would go completely bald but so far it just thinning, it hasn't got much much worse and other people don't seem to notice much. So I don't worry about it so much anymore anymore.

Tank care xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Lolis, at my age it really shouldn't be a big deal, I am unfortunately a little older than you :) as I have said I wish my legs didn't have to be shaved, and I am lucky really as I had thick hair and a lower hair line. According to my family I am the only one who really notices :) Thanks for the reply, Susan x

Hi Susan

I am not on any meds apart from a tiny dose of citalopram for depression and vit D - I used to have very thick hair but it is going really quickly much thinner at the front in recent months, also my eyelashes seem to have all but disappeared, they are such tiny stubbles now - I thought it was from crying a lot and my rubbing my eyes but my hairdresser said that shouldn't make a difference as they re-grow, so I think it is probably biochemical. I'm wondering about thyroid deficiency as I have been having some of the other symptoms and some people find they get fibro symptoms at the same time as that, but most GPs don't seem to want to try thyroxine unless the bloods show a definite deficiency and mine do not. I'm just living with it and trying to make sure my diet is healthy - LOTS of veg and fruit and cutting out all the rubbishy sugar laden things - as that will help the fibro and my general health which hair is usually a good indicator of.


Thanks Sue, its funny how it seems to be a lot more common a problem than I thought. Try to keep healthy, SUsan :)

I think it can be several factors. I know when I was having hormone treatment my hair was fantastic and when I had to come off it it definately became thinner. Perhaps as one of our other friends has said it could be thyroid. I know my friends hair started to go extremely thin and dry and she had an underactive thryroid. Since she has been on medication her hair has gone back to its normal thickness. Hope you get an answer to your problem as being in constant pain is enough without us having to worry about our appearance as well. x

Thank you rose wine, you may have hit the nail on the head. MaybeI am focusing on a problem I think I can easily solve since the pain side is just on the manageable side. Who ever said life was fair :)

Hi tiredalot

I certainly wonder sometimes what wicked thing I must have done in a previous life to have deserved the one I have got. My friend believes in reincarnation and that you keep on getting reborn until you get it right. I must still be practicing. Yes I think we often latch onto the only things we can control as with some illnesses there doesn't seem to be a magic pill that makes it go away and we just have to struggle on the best we can and do the best we can with the few things we can control I hopwethat all makes sense. I am now going to go and have a lovely Epsom salt bath and bed I think as I feel the pain and fibro fog descending. Hope everyone has a good a night as possible.xx

Just think when you're enjoying yourself soaking, that your next life is bound to better again so no fibro ;) keep well and think nice thoughts. My next life had better be good cos I am a little fed up with this one, not to sound to dramatic :) hope you sleep well and thanks again... Susan x

Hi i am in late fifties i think all three reasons you mentioned and our age have a lot to do with it.dont worry there are lots of good hair products out there to help,i use them my self .and my mum told me to use a little tiny amount vaseline on lashes and eye brows it works for me ,may be try it.

Funny you should mention the Vaseline, my daughter, who is in her early twenties has just said the same thing. She uses it to protect from the effects of mascara, but since I rarely wear make-up I never thought to try it...Thank you :)

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