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Is anybody else a numpty?

After an appt with my gp about fatigue (the usual moans), he sent me to a pain clinic. No probs till i got to the hospital and decided the appt was on the subject of memory probs (again you'll know the script). The doc asked what i had expected on the way to see him. Well, i thought you would give me a memory test. He seemed a bit confused but very polite. I'll send you to a memory clinic. It was on the way home i realised wot had happened. I felt stupid. Why can't i see one person for this illness? Why does it have to be a 3 pronged attack of Pain Memory Fatigue? I feel a right numpty!!

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Morning wellcome to the world of Numptys it is good here so dont worry sweetiepie there are quite a lot of us around I wonder who will put there hands up?


me :p


Lol! You poor, daft thing. Sounds like the sort of thing I would do, which is why I almost always have someone with me. Join the numpty group. :D



At my app last week my doc asked how are you doing? as he normally does

I replied 'cold' :)

He asked me again...........

................... I replied 'still cold' :)

When he asked me the third time......... he said and 'please don't tell me you're cold' and chuckled

I chuckled too and then forgot what I was referring to, which, was could I be sent to find out what's wrong with my internal thermostat please?

So I'm a numpty too and now shall have to try to remember for next time! :o

You are sooooooooooooo not alone my friend :D



Hands up, lots of times!

I made a pot of coffee last week - when I poured the coffee I found out I hand' put any coffee in.... Last week was a "very good" forgetful week but I can't remember them all now.

The good thing (?) about fibro is that you can forget about the things you forget!


ME, ME, ME......Just incase you forget......I am having terrible tie of it not remebering words and things, and my family have no sympathy towards how I feel.....It gets me down that i cant explain things correclty and seem to be on another planet alot of the time.....But its good to know there are more of us


I do take Vitamin B12 which I find very helpful why not give it ago it seems to help with the fog and lack of words.

Take care



ME ME ME im turning up 1hr late for appointments im txting my son messages and he answers me but i then dont know what ive asked him in first place he gets sooooooooooooooooo mad with me xx


Numpties of the world unite!


Me too....... If I get distracted in the middle of a sentence I forget what I was talking about. I know exactly what you mean about hospitals/doctors. They ask questions which is you go in having rehearsed what you are going to say all the time you have been waiting and then they ask a question which totally derails the carefully thought out and prepared statement that you have been repeating in your head to try and commit it to your leaky memory.


Me three, or was it four........hmmmmm can't remember , I think I was a founder member of the Numptys United club of Great Britain........but them maybe I wasn't.......on drat that memory......or not....oh bother... Count me in !!!

Foggy x


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