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Trigger Points & Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Found this site that has some thought provoking points with regards Fibro and the bodies trigger points for pain.

There is a bit at the bottom that wants you to buy the complete book but you do not have to buy it.

Fibromyalgia - One Minute Medical School

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Wow fits in a great explanation of fibro in a minute it should be sent to all GP's.


I have the ebook on trigger points and myofascial pain syndrome. It is relevant for Fibro as many people will find their 'fibro' pain is actually down to muscular trigger points and referred pain (i.e. MPS).

It is about 250 pages, heavily referenced so good quality info. It reviews the causes and potential treatments for muscle pain, but is a tad depressing as it does highlight that no treatment can cure, but we all know that anyway.....

Although it is an eBook I thought it was so good I spent £20 getting it printed and bound into a 'proper' book that I can refer to easily.


Have you tried the book by Clare Davis, Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, much cheaper and really excellent, and it comes as a book, you don't have to download and bind.


Oh and interestingly although Fibro and MPS overlap and may be part of the same condition, for some reason doctors seem to accept MPS as being more 'real' than fibromyalgia.


Oh do I disagree with you there!!!!! I was diagnosed with MPS in 2012 by a private consultant - Prof John Davies - and my GP and others were TOTALLY useless after diagnosis, and didn't take it at all seriously, didn't even put it down as a diagnosis on referral to other doctors for other conditions. In his book on Fibro and MPS, Dr. Chris Jenner of the London Pain Clinic points out that he has patients who have had it for decades and not been diagnosed at all, it has been missed by all of the people they consulted. I think it is ignored millions of times more than fibro. After all, 70% of people with fibro have both conditions, and how many of them are tested for MPS?????????

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Thank you for sharing this, it is very interesting!

Take care



I discovered trigger points and I do trigger point massage all the time for pain - I have myofascial pain syndrome. I use a book by Clare Davies called Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, its easy to follow the instructions. You can often buy them second hand on the Internet. I think the secret is to keep on with the trigger point therapy on yourself - for me it works 100%, but I think a lot of people with fibro don't have the energy to start or the commitment to keep going on with it. But it really, really does work.


The more I read about it I am sure it is worth trying. I can often kill a headache by pinching between the thumb and forefinger.


Good for you, hope it helps.


Thanks Offcut, I never knew that fybro was the source of the discomfort, front and back, I've been suffering for years. When I was diagnosed with COPD, I thought it must be that what was causing it, I feel like someone is squeezing me in a bear hug all the time. This explains it. x


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