bad experience with sore points

rushed into hospital last year after severe reaction to bendroflu...... caused heart probs.  was asked by a foreign nurse what fibromyalgia was - explained have many sore points on body - at 3am was awoken by same nurse pulling my pj bottoms down and rolling me about and then having my pj top pulled up asked her what the hell she was doing  - in reply she said looking for sore bits, turns out she was the bed sore nurse.  so put a complaint in never heard anything back, surprise, surprise!! so beware how you describe anything to the nurses !! love and kind hugs to all xx  by the way this is not in any way a racist comment just to say that i obviously didn't explain my condition in enough detail to be understood lol

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  • It leaves you absolutely speechless.  I've tried to explain to friends about these sorepoints and the way the whole of our skin can be sensitive to the lightest touch and to be honest I don't think  they get it although they are all intelligent women.  Because usually there is no redness, swelling or spots they don't seem to be able to believe it is real.x

  • Talk about not following correct nursing procedures!! If I had done something like that I would have had the result screaming in my ears for weeks after!! Ok, it may have been 30 odd years ago but still. No patient should be treated like a slab of meat. On behalf of nurses everywhere I apologise! 

    You must have thought the girl had lost her marbles. Bet you have a laugh at it now. I certainly had a good chuckle at your description, it reminded me of the type of scene in a sitcom. I love it!! Hope your sore spots heal soon ha ha 🐸

  • thank you but you do not need to apologise they do...   i'm terrified of hospitals now, the whole hospital experience was awful.  i worry at the lack of understanding of the english language and what really serious mistakes could happen - what happened to me in the scale of things was nothing but it does worry me that much worse could happen.  dont get me wrong the foreign nurses are lovely but trying to explain yourself in clear terms ends up like rocket science, looking at them with their blank expression - then when they are trying to explain something back in pigeon english was really worrying - a clear understanding of the english language is surely essential in the medical field - there is such a huge range of mistakes that could occur it really worries me.  gentle hugs and love xxx

  • Good info...still hard to believe. I bet you were stunned.Take care.Peck🐤

  • WOW! That is a horrifying experience my friend! Please take care of yourself. I can understand their actions but nobody should be pulling down your bottoms whilst you are asleep!

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • thank you for your kind words all i can say is i must have been irresistable !! lol.  still it worries me what else could happen.  a relative is in hospital at the moment and recently i visited him - i walked into a wall of smell - earlier in the day he had had a (toilet accident i should say) i asked the nurses why it smelt so much and they said they couldn't get rid of the smell - well i had to sort his washing out to bring home - i picked his clothes up from the corner and in his trousers - guess what!!!  his pants had to be discarded, by me, they hadn't even looked i was disgusted - i did complain to a member of staff and basically received no reply.  its amazing that the smell disappeared. i know they are overworked but for hygienes sake this should have been investigated.  he was in a side room, door closed, no window open, the poor man was breathing this in and as he has lung problems they should be taking better care of him.  kind, gentle hugs xx

  • Hi again inoutfog

    That is absolutely awful to read and it brought back some sad memories of when my father in law passed away. He was in hospital with dementia and Parkinson's. His treatment was pretty much the same and my wife and I contacted PALS as the staff simply ignored our complaints. If this keeps happening I would inform PALS who then go in to see the patient to check that this sort of thing isn't happening. I have pasted you their link below:

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

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