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Has anyone been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia without having all the tender points?

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and explained to the Consultants that I did not have tender points. However, after the diagnosis I had painful tender points in my elbow and also did not realize that I had tender points on base of skull and tenderness on lower back (hips in pain). I read that you need at least 11 of the tender points to be diagnosed. Thank you.

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Ive just been dx with 17 out of 18 tender points

I believe you are correct on that one Chris x x

I was one short on the day but still diagnosed as I had all the symptoms.

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Thank you. I'm wondering whether ME/CFS was also considered (due to my own complication at present).

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I had already been diagnosed with ME in 1991!


I didn't have all the tender points either during my diagnosis consultation just over three years ago (2009). I hurt all over, so basically every position I was put in hurt terribly. I'd had constant pain for a year and a half at this point and chronic fatigue, I had to stop working, this contributed to my diagnosis. I was fit, active and very healthy before. :) :)

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I also have widespread pain and it seems more internal than external - however, the tender points were very pronounced on elbows, radiating outwards - arms hands, shoulders. Thanks.

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same here with worst on my shoulders lol

I had never properly had a tenderpoint test until recently but was diagnosed 4 years ago. My acupuntrist said I responded typically for.a fibro patient. I had small rashes were the needles had been put.

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I have acupuncture too but have permanent small bruises at the needle sites

funny about a rash after accu , I had the same, they said I was highly sensative

i never had the tender point test , my doc did a consultation and she just knew i had fibro xx

i started with 12 out of 18 tender points and now 18 out of 18 tender points

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Thank you for your reply - someone mentioned that I may have the beginnings of Fibroymyalgia - it appears that the tender points may increase as time goes on, which is of great concern. Even though it is said that Fibromyalgia is not medically progressive - I feel yours is an important example that it is and that the symptoms worsen.

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it can definitely progress especially with stressful situations and lack of sleep. Fibromyalgia is also unpredictable and because of that problematic. Please make sure you see a consultant really knows about fibromyalgia : )

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Your right they tell us that it is not progressive. So how come when i last saw my consultant he said, when I told him that my tendons were not only getting tighter but it was spreading, "its a progression of your illness"!!

This is informative...... I have a query on this - if a person has been diagnosed with MECFS does this mean that a person with Fibromyalgia also may not be diagnosed?

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Sorry Reflections, I'm a little confused here. Did you mean "can Fibro be missed because ME/CFS has already been diagnosed?". If so, the answer is yes!

Thank you this is helpful.

The tender point test is simply a way to check for the widespread hypersensitivity to pain that is characteristic of Fibro. Many doctors don't bother with putting their patients through the test and prefer to use patient descriptions. For example, many people with Fibro say hugs hurt, or that the weight of the duvet at night hurts, or that banging your knee on the desk or stubbing a toe is excruciating for far longer than is normal. These are all descriptions of hyperalgesia.

The tender point test is useful but only if done correctly. Many doctors cannot differentiate between tender points (which do not feel different to them) and trigger points (which should feel like a lump, restriction or hard area on examination). This means that even if they know all about the tender point test, they can't carry it out reliably.

See here for more info on the tender point test:


Hi when I was diagnosed I had 10 of the tender points. Now 8 months later I have 12 tender points. My doctor says that it may get worse or it may not. Each person is different.

yes i have had this for many years. and it is not much fun. putting up with this. but i get a pain in the middle off my back under my shoulder. and i spondylosis as well. i will not go on. i am hopping for a good night sleep.sume times i feel like i have more and more like 100

I only had 7 tender points when I was diagnosed. The consultant said that they were not the most important thing in a fibro diagnosis.

What are the tender points?

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