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Why does pain ALWAYS hurt more in the middle of the night???


I was having a "good day" yesterday and so thought I would save myself £25.00 as money is very tight just now ( to be honest when isn't it when you are living on benefits?) and mow my own lawn instead of getting "a man" in to do as normal.

I won't EVER be doing that again, so far to night I have had 60mg Zomorph, 20mil Oromoph and 4 Die -hydrocodine and I am still in so much pain I am unable to lay down to sleep or even stand to make a hot drink

I am now on the reclining chair in the lounge with my note book P.C trying to find things to do to take my mind off the pain and the fact that I have to drive a 2 hour 60 mile round trip to see the O.T in the morning.

I would cancel but I have been waiting to see her since my last appointment before Christmas and there are things I really need to talk to her about.

I really should know better by now but it still leeps out and jumps on me when ever I try and add anything new into my already very limited routeen.

How do you all add in new and different activities into your day?

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I have a very structured day compared to most people and NEED to rest for at least 3 hours in the afternoon if I don't I am in bed by 7.00.

I have very few friends, Fibro is not good for maintaining friendships as it is so variable and in the end they all but one slowly but shorly got fed up of me cancelling on them at the last minuet and even when I did get to go and meet them say in town for a coffee I couldn't walk around the shops just window shopping as I was just to tired and in to much pain or I needed to get home for my med's and a rest.

I know I am feeling sorry for myself right now and that it will be better in the morning but this is the FIRST place I have found where there are other people who feel the same as I do and understand where I am coming from when I post things like this.

I have looked up the nearest support group to me and I am going to ring the leader tomorrow to see what time of day they meet and if they meet in the morning I am going to try and go along to see if I can find support and help from them and maybe when I am feeling better give help and support to someone who is where I am right now.

I have just seen how long I have rambled along for sorry but I just needed to get it off my chest so THANK YOU for reading my post.

Have a great day

Love and light


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Hi Karen

I know this sounds like a stupid question, have you tried not having that 3 hours?

I struggle through and then go to bed at 8pm.

I am a chronic insomniac so my surgery has allowed me some sleeping tablets which give me a few hours sleep?

Have you tried them?

Just a couple of thoughts for you to ponder on :)

Hope your appointment goes well.


Lu xxx


Thanks for taking the time to not only read my post but reply as well.

I take my morphine at around 12.00 lunch time and it makes me very very sleepy and unable to do very much at all so I just go to bed.

I have tried staying up all day but I just can't manage. I "fall apart" around 6.00 and need to go to bed which is just not practical.

If only life was simpler!!


Oh Karen, I'm so sorry you are having all this pain and trouble at the moment and you can see, I too am a member of the Wide Awake Club, so I sympathise with you hugely.

I am very lucky at the moment that my pain levels have reduced a lot due to having had a lovely hot holiday in Kos (only able to do that because my father died and left me some pennies in Trust - other than that, I like you struggle to run my life on benefits and I don't think that anyone who hasn't experienced this can truly know how hard and humiliating it can be ! )

I also understand fully what you mean about it being difficult to maintain friendships, I find the worst thing and the most annoying is that I am no longer reliable, and that was something I had always prided myself on being. I make plans to see friends and then either manage to cancel, even worse particularly if I have a cracking migraine, just don't turn up having not been in a position to make my apologies. This happens so so many times and it is one of my biggest bugbears !!

I'm so pleased that you have found this forum where you feel safe enough to share your inner thoughts and fears with others, and I too value it more than I can say, had it not been for joining here I would be very isolated and not in a good place at all. But this forum has given me purpose, it is somewhere I know I can say whatever I need to say and it won't go any further and that everyone here understands and empathises through their own personal struggles and are willing to share that and help lift ones' spirits when low.

I am sending you lots of very positive and hopefully sleep inducing vibes and hope that your round trip to the OT in the morning is a tad easier though I know only too well myself how tiring that amount of driving can be, so more positive vibes to help you through that.

Very best wishes, Foggy x


Whoops, sorry forgot to mention Karen, for your own safety and privacy, you might like to go back and edit your post and click on the Community button at the bottom of the page in the "who is this page for" section. That means that your privacy is protected and no one outside of this community can read what you've said, it's always better to do that when posting ..... Just a safety tip. :-) :-)

Foggy x


Did not know about ckicking on community, I don't see that when I comment! Only submit or cancel! Am I doing something wrong Foggy?


No you're not doing anything wrong at all Honor, just have a peek at the reply I've given to fibrokaren below :-) I understand what you are thinking though, because as I now reply to you, as you correctly say, there are only the red Submit reply or the Cancel button. The edit, delete, report feature actually only kicks in once you have submitted your answer. :-)

I hope that helps you :-) :-)

Eeesh I only left my name off this so have just had to go to edit so I can add..........

Foggy x


Thanks foggy, when I had read your previiys reply to Karen I thought my comments were public! Phew I'm relieved xx


Sorry for asking such a silly question but how do I edit my posts?

Do you have to click on every post you make ?

What about if you are replying to a post?

Like honor1a all I can see are submit reply in an orangey box and cancel in a white/gray box.


Not a silly question at all, when you want to edit, click on the drop down button to the right of Reply and Recommend . It will give you there options, edit, delete and report. So you click on edit and it will bring up a smaller box which can scroll through and either add to, alter something (like me with typos all over the place ;-) ) rather like when you are actually writing the post, you can change what you need to. When you have done what you need to purely click on the red button on left which now will said "Edit Response" and quick as nip it will have done the changes you require :-)

If you have any further probs please don't hesitate to contact me by a PM (click on my name and then my profile will come up and then hit "Send Message" and you can then ask away :-) :-)

Hope that has helped a bit :-)

Foggy x


Hi Karen I am the same been up all night in pain I don't leave the house has I only get as far has my gate and I am in pain. The meds I am on dont really work. I have told the doc and been to a pain clinic but still no joy last night I took 900mg of gabapentin and 4 tramadol and that didn't ease the pain. Gentle hugs x


I am so sorry that you are in so much pain Caroline, it is so hard when all you want is to curl up in a ball and for it to go away even if only for a couple of hours.

I find going out really hard and now only go to the likes of Asda and Tesco very early in the morning when they are much much quieter.

I also do most of my shopping in Aldi now as it is a much smaller store so not as much walking just to find what you need.

Take care of your self I am sending you love and hugs I hope you have a better night to night


hi karen you poor woman I really feel for you and no where you're comming from as I moved from. London to kettering sand only no a few people but I come on here and it makesme feel better as everyone on here are lovely hope you feel as good as you can anyway hugs conning to you x


Good luck x



I did the same thought,great feel good today,get the ironing done. Big mistake my whole body is so sore I could hardly move maybe being in the same position doesn't help, so went to bed at 7:30 pm last night, I'm feeling a we bit better after some sleep.

I also woke yesterday morning with a black eye? How I got it I do not know it's not painful just black, anyone had this, I bruise quite easily but didn't expect this.

Gently cuddles.X


I had to laugh about cutting the grass..I used to cut all of mine in one day but now do it bite sized chunks. It's a town garden but big enough so I divide it into three and do a bit one day etc. The problem is I might have a bad day/week after or it might rain and then I could end up with a lawn (makes it sound glam but it isn't) with three different levels.

a bit like a punk rocker who can't decide which razor cut to use.

This is one of the hardest things about FM, letting go of standards. My sister once used my downstairs loo and came out and told me about all the great cleaning products in Aldi, hard to take when I was a very tidy clean person once.

As regards night pain, Or in my case early morning pain, I think it's to do with lactic acid building up in our joints and muscles etc. have you tried magnesium at night Karen? For me nothing beats a hot bath, I stayed recently for a night with a friend in her caravan, forgetting she had no bath, won't do that again.

wishing you the best Karen, hope you get some relief.


Gentle hugs , hope you feel a little less pain in the morning. I was in the same boat of having a good day so try & catch up on housework on Monday & i'm still paying for it. You'd think we'd learn. xx


Mine hits me at nite too x I took tramdol last nite and was up all nite xx then today haif felt ok till I got home from work thought id be brave and do some house work x god do I know it now pain everywere x I swaer by a hot bath and lots cold releif stuf or deep heat I help to ease it of a bit xxxx but im the same I need to sleep in afternoon as im no gd otherwise then im in bed by 8 xxxx


Hi Karen,

Your post was like a snapshot of my life. I so understand! I'm awake at silly o'clock 1.30am can't sleep for love nor money!! Taken maximum meds, nothing hitting the spot.

Also, I moved to a new area a year ago, unfortunately straight after I moved I became seriously and dangerously anemic on top of my fibro. Could hardly move out of my bed, let alone make new friends, all my old friends have dropped off one by one. So feel so lonely. I only talk to my family or medical people. Think that is why when I feel up to it, I go round the shops, least then I talk to the sales assistants! How sad is that?

Glad you feel able to post on here, like other people say, this site is a god send and a life line. Although I wouldn't wish this condition on anyone, it's sort of comforting to hear other people have the Sam symptoms as someone else and your not going mad.

Take care, gentle hugs x


Hi fibrokaren

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering so much and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I would definitely discuss this issue with your GP and / or Specialist as it could help to tweak your medications slightly? Anything is worth a try to avoid such misery?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


So sorry for your suffering sweetheart!!! I've been having the same trouble this last week myself. I think it's to do with the seasons changing. I aways get worse every year in the beginning of spring time and in the fall. I have for many years now. Plus when we have an important appointment we seem to have a harder time resting the night before. I guess we are anxious for help. I hope you have a great day and that your appointment goes well. Hang in there honey!!! xxxx Mitzi


Yes unfortunately, I do get pain in the night and restless legs. But just started taking Gabapentin and do sleep better, have to wait and see how it goes. Hope you start to feel better xxxx


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