Keeping positive :)

Keeping positive :)

First week of college done ! :)

Bit of exhaustion and aches at the start of the week. Had been ill the week before i started and almost decided not to go.

But all worthwhile to be doing something I love. It's really had a positive effect on my mood and my family think I'm looking alot better more lively lol (not as pasty ha) Feeling great for a change.

Hope everyone feels as well as they can x

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  • So pleased you are enjoying college, well done for going. xLou

  • Thank you very much Lou :) it was a hard decision but think I made the right one. Still to sort funding etc which is stressing me. But love the course made a large group of friends already.

    Hope you are feeling alright x shaunna

  • Hi msBrightside

    Thank you so much for sharing such positive news with us all. I am absolutely delighted that it has all gone so well for you. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Morning Davros

    It seems a bit slack without a count down. I amazed myself I kept it up!

    I'm on holiday for a week so I'll be mostly out of touch being exhausted (why do I do this to myself?)

    Greetings from the fluffie holiday lair

  • What, no Foggie or Badger what will we do? Have a great holiday.X LOU

  • Sorry, no. And I assure you it's coincidental :P

  • Have a fantastic holiday :)

  • Oh, I will. Among many other things I plan to visit a Capability Brown garden where my great grandfather once worked.

  • Good day Mr Badger

    I hope that all is well in the Big Fluffie House? I heard the latest eviction was a Cyberman head? Holidays can be somewhat draining!

    I really enjoyed tonight's funny episode with Robin Hood. I half expected at the end that Clara had not said anything about the Dr and it was going to be another one of those mysterious build ups?

  • The fluffies loved it and there was a sneaky reference to paradise. The eviction was Handles so he's been forgiven :P

  • Poor Handles! Yeah, I have this feeling that we haven't seen the last of Robin. There were sneaky references?

  • still think Robin Hood will re appear. there was at least one hidden depth there

  • Thanks for your support Ken very much appreciated :) x

  • Good for you. I admire your courage. I hope you continue to learn and love it!

  • Thanks I'm planning just to stick it out even if I feel rubbish . I would be ill whether I was at home bored or in college the course has took my mind off pain :) I appreciate the encouragement!

  • This is fantastic good on you

  • Thank you :)

  • Well done! Its great to read positive posts :) I hope you continue to enjoy your course and feel well as a result :)

  • Thank you I hope so too seems to have worked gave me a new burst of energy :)

  • Brilliant. Nice pic too. I was at a Wildlife Trust do in the week and we were talking about attendance. Some walks and talks are well patronised and some cancelled through lack of interest - or weather.

    Point being, if you organise none, you are guaranteed no participants, so every one above zero is a bonus.

    I hope you will get the right support at college. They're much better than in my day. Do you have a good tutor?

    Good luck.

  • Thanks glad you like the pic too.

    Yeah that's true try nothing and you'll gain nothing. :)

    Organising support is on my list of things to do for Monday. Taking each thing one at a time, meeting my guidance tutor for the first guidance class Monday. I'll ask him if I should just go straight to learning support and might be worthwhile to maybe tell him about my illness I get a feeling my lecturers don't know.

  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained. They shouldn't give you an easy ride but once they're educated about it they can make adaptations to the schedule etc. Might be worth testing their knowledge too. I agree about you may as well be ill at college as at home - it's not contagious. Just allow for the fact you wont function as well during a flare.

  • Always good to educate people on your illness. I struggle to tell people how it really is as I naturally like to act fine. I need to work on the best way of education people about it.

    Should probably make them aware of it as I have noticed some difficulties with sitting for long periods of time in class or standing in the studio. It's just the adjustment period though I suppose.

  • I'm convinced you'll be fine. You have the sort of mental vision to see you right.

  • So Happy For You Sweetheart!!!! I hope you'll continue to feel well and go after your dreams!!! It's great to hear some good news for a change!!! Take care, xxx Mitzi

  • Thank you so much for your support :) Here's hoping it all goes to plan. You take care too love xxx

  • Great news, you are quite right you can be in pain at home or distracted at college. Make sure you tell all tutors about how the condition affects you so they understand when you need time off. I hope you have a wondrful time.

  • Thank you for being g so pleased for me. Yeah I'll take your advice and definitely tell them this week.

    Hope you are feeling as great as you can xxx

  • Great news about college I was wondering how you were getting onx

  • Thanks :) x

  • good to hear about college and that you are feeling positive as long as you get support needed to carry on the more people you educate about fibro the better and you want to fulfil your dreams take carex

  • Thank you having some trouble with my throat with my swollen lymph nodes. But nothing is stopping is me I'm determined :)

    Thanks, Hope I do get good support and get my finance sorted with the additional services at the college. Have to organise a music event as part of my course so could even raise some awareness with that.

    You take care too hope you are feeling as good as you can x

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