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Positive but pooped!!!!

Hi fibro-friends!! I had a call from the C.A.B today as they had a cancelation, so off I went with all my paperwork!! (need help with council,pip forms and ESA) What a wonderful young man I met (Simon) who, although knew nothing about fibro, listened to the rambling wreck I had become in the space of half an hour!! Nevertheless he grabbed the bull by the wotsits!! and battled on in a quest to see what could be done! ESA papers sorted! Letter to the council sorted! and a start on the pip forms....(another appointment on Monday to finish them off)...I left feeling much more positive, but absolutely pooped now!! I just wanted to share with you all what a bit of help from the right people, can do for ones soul.!!!!

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Excellent :-)




Hi there its wonderful to hear your positivity and am really pleased for you :)

Fibro busting fluffies on route to you :) xxxsianxxx :)


Lets send up a cheer for the Simons of this world. May your soul remain positive.

Thumbs up.


Cheers ! :) May we all stay positive :D xgins


Hi ninjananna

That is wonderful, I am so pleased for you. I think it is useful for any other member to be aware of if they ever need this sort of help. So thank you for sharing this with us.

Take care

Ken x


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