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Thinking of keeping ducks!

Hello Everyone. I hope you are all doing as well as can be expected.

Now that I've had to re-home my Kestrel and we have Flyn with us, I'm thinking of keeping some ducks in the garden as therapy for both of us. I'm sure I'll be up to looking after them, as they seem not to be high maintenance from all the research I've done. I've decided on the breed - Cayuga.

We don't have a lot of money at the moment, so I'm hoping to pick up some bargains for a house/coop, run or secure fencing. Could anyone who might be able to help, or know someone who can help please get in contact with me? I'd really appreciate it. I'd also love to hear from anyone else who keeps ducks.

I'm still waiting to get in contact with the estate manager to get permission, so it's not a given. I've chosen a quiet breed that won't disturb the neighbours!

Gentle hugs to all. xx

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i have chickens and 2 ducks!! my only advice is make sure the coop and run are fox proof (this is harder than it seems) as i have lost too many too the foxes :-(


Thanks Nadine. Yes, I'm aware of the fox danger and plan to make everything predator-proof. I plan to shut the ducks in at night for safety. Do you find your birds easy to care for? x


very, feed, water, weekly clean!! buy purple antiseptic spray for any nicks/cuts and louse powder/spray for as and when.

they eat all left overs apart from raw veg.

and the eggs are lovely, id recommened feeding them garden blend as its designed for backyard hens/ducks xxxx

ps foxes killed some mine during the day! i have 7ft fence around the pen with the coop inside, i also have paving slabs around the outside with the wire netting tucked under slabs xx


My step daughter and son in law have chickens, they are getting a lot of rescue ones soon. He's got his own chicken rescue page on facebook. They've just moved house and are building a much bigger coop as they've only got three at the moment.

My neighbour has ducks. They live next door but one. I look after their little girl. She's a vets nurse, they've got dogs, cats and ducks. xx


I'm afraid I have no advice, I just wanted to wish you well with your dream and say that I too hope to one day have ducks!! I'd love some geese too!! I adore all animals (I find being around them so soothing somehow) and actually wish I could have a small holding or something like that one day... maybe I need to marry a farmer lol! :)

Good luck with your plans and I hope the estate manager gives you the green light x


Well you will be in the fashion alot of peoples eem to keep ducks and chickens no so i wish you well in your new venture and i am sure they will have alovely life with you love diddle x


i used to have a goose and ducks and chickens i bought a small shed and layed it on a concrete base as foxes will dig under a coop layed on lawn! my goose actually did protect the others really well as they all lived and were bought up together but eventually foxes won:( its a bit heartbreaking but expect casualtys x


I was about four when my parents bought 6 ducks who lived at the bottom of the garden. There was a ditch for drainage which also kept us away from them, although the plank bridge often got left down.

I remember their area was pure mud. No grass at all - no weeds either! They stole our paddling pool too! We were never allowed near it again! Loved the eggs and if we were allowed near one, they were so soft!

They lived in a solid wooden duck house, raised above the ground I think and they had a panel in the back roof which allowed us to get to the eggs easily. I do remember the stink and it didn't look easy to keep clean as it always seemed dirty.

What water do you have for your ducks? They need this to preen properly and dust for their feathers too. They must have grit for their [bother cant think of the word - gizzard I think] so they can grind up their food properly. They also need crushed shells and I think in the wild they would have eaten them - the calcuim is needed for the shells.

Looks like my dad taught me well if I recall all that! I think we only had them for a couple of years or so and went back to having dogs. Several but all one at a time.

I think the idea of bringing up a goose or two with your ducks is a brilliant idea! They are used as guard dogs after all!

Have fun!

Soft hugs


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