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BBBBBrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssss its so cold hope everyone is keeping warm

it is certainly is the weather for going back to bed. I have never been able to do that and even now when back is shouting blue murder it is impossible!

I have a mag to put to gether fortunately and underfloor heating to put my feet on. I have had brilliant nurses for last week and they go home today. I shall miss them rather a lot so keep me amused please. Humor seems to be in short supply on the site at mo so lets try and make someone laugh today and raise a smile!

Keep warm one and all xgins Start looking for your valentine? :)

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GIVE ME BACK MY NECK..... I know you have it... I distinctly remember you posting about your neck feeling like it was full of gravel......

Smiles sweetly

VG x


Wonderful to see you back with us VG, hope you're feeling better my dear.

We could use a bit of VG humour, it's freezing cold today. A giggle will warm us all up hopefully.

Take care, iovely to see you here today! :)

(((hug))) xxx



LIbs you have turned into a butterfly ... Bahhhhh I wanted you to still be a fairy... Goes a rummaging... While smiling innocently at Libby

Shuffles sideways off the forum



I will try to find a fairy just for you VG! I can sense you are up to no good already, I am shaking in my slippers here lol! ;)

Fantastic to have you back Libs says tentatively lol! ;) (It is really!) :D



Fairy Queen for you just for this morning lol! ;) xxxx


Well I'm shaking my tail feathers for you all :-) I see you baby, shakin' that ass, shakin' that ass :-p Oops there went my cuppa coffee.....oops now my moby....the house is shaking so I'd better stop! hell's bells, that was an effort ....

I've got a newsletter to put together for the volunteers at at my old charity (a cat rescue organisation) and I've been putting it off for days. We didn't manage to get a Xmas edition out, so am trying to be all chipper for the new year instead.

We didn't have a white Christmas, just a very damp and soggy one. It's why north Devon is so green. At least, that's what I tell myself lol. I feel sorry for anybody struggling with the snowy and cold weather. We only have a storage heater and 2 space heaters which are costly to run, so am wearing multiple layers. No central heating is good for my asthma, but hell on the hands! The way for me to get really warm is to move around doing chores. However, this doesn't happen often enough lol.


Hi Sammi

i love north Devon , i was born there , umm a long time ago lol

i was born in Bicclescombe Hospital Ilfracombe , i wonder if its still there

I hope ypu weren't affected by the flooding

take care xx J


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