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positive mental attitude

I have noticed several things and read many books concerning fibromyalgia since I was diagnosed in 2008.firstly the more that you sit for too long in the same position the worse the pain is. the solution to this is to embark on an exercise program.It was thought a while ago that exercise exacerbates the symptoms of fibromyalgia.This could certainly be true if you overdo it.The particular emphasis needs to be that exercise needs to be built up gradually.You can start walking 5 yards and then do 10 the next day.Also diet plays a huge role in the wellbeing of fibromyalgia. I try to eat 5 portions of omega 3 fatty acids every week and fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis.Last autumn I purchased a SAD lamp and found some of my symptoms of the biggest problems I found in the past was that other people refused to believe that I was as ill as I say but the doubters are best ignored as you are wasting your time in trying to convince people that don't believe that you are chronically ill.The best attitude is PMA and it also helps if you have a doctor that believes in fms( my first doctor didn't  so I changed!)

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PMA is indeed essential when you have Fibro. Or any other chronic medical condition. 

I think the problem with exercise and Fibro is that very few of us has Fibro alone. I for one have osteoarthritis in every joint so exercise has to be handled with care. I agree that sitting all the time is bad for you. If you pace yourself properly then you interchange sitting and standing. My info is a few years old now but I was taught that you shouldn't sit for more than 20 minutes at a time. Regardless of health!

An understanding doctor makes such a difference. You don't feel alone in the Fibro fight. Like you I'm lucky and have found an understanding and caring GP 🐸


Thanks for the advice.Be blessed. Peck.😊

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 I completely agree. When I have a flare up I stop exercising and eat rubbish and my symptoms just multiple and it's hard while trying to work full time. I have recently started back at the gym but not over doing it. I got a gp referral. And earing healthy and my symptoms have improved. I have started reducing dihydrocodeine and I havnt seen any difference. I am actually sleeping better next I've felt in ages. 

Hope you all feeling as well as possible



First of all well done for going to gym could I ask you if you do excercise bike how did you start off as im doing my excercise bike and was just wondering how many mins you did each day thank you love xxx


It really depends on ur fitness levels. So I work fill time and am 28 so  can able to do quite a bit of the gym. But maybe start on a low level for 5 mins


Ok thank you for advice love xxx


Hi scottspeirs1

Thank you so much for your inspiring post, it is genuinely appreciated. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I really dont like others who dont believe us if only they could be in our shoes and see our daily struggles did your sad lamp work as I suffer with sad and thought about buying one best wishes jillxx


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