Went to doctors yesterday for my monthly check up my doctor was rude he said saw you and your wife shopping you had no crutches I said I was leaning on the shopping trolley then he said there was not a lot wrong with you because you got your wallet out of your trousers and paid by card so I said how elose was I mentioned to get my wallet out I got told not to be rude then he said are you pulling the wool over my eyes that got me very very angry I felt my hand going into a fist I just got up and walked out I am under wellbeing for my anger I have got my wellbeing lady phone me today I am even going to say what he said I am still fuming today sorry for the moan

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  • OMG. That's truly awful, no wonder you walked out (thank goodness you didn't thump him).

    I think you need a different GP. Better still move practices all together and start again.

    So sorry this happened to you xxx

  • I nearly did but thanks

  • That is so awful! I would definitely write a complaint regarding this as that kind of behavior isn't acceptable. Are you able to go see a different GP? xxx

  • I I could do but I have to see him every 4 weeks but I will see if I can see another doctor and say what went on but have to be careful he is the top nob as we all call him

  • Change your doctor, he's a Pratt.

  • I know he is

  • Report the b***ard that's appalling

  • Well it leaves me speechless I admire your restraint. I think I would have got my crutch and wolloped him. There is no way you can go back to him when he has that stupid attitude towards you.x

  • It's a good job I didn't have mine is am seeing another doctor

  • Good luck with it let us know how you get on.x

  • Report him to the GMC and let them know how he treats his patients. If he is doing it to you then he will be doing it to others.

  • Agree 100 percent there as totally unprofessional standard

  • To right

  • Do something about it or later you will regret it like me. A year and a half ago my doctor took it upon himself to yell at me for over 7 min which my then 10 yr old recorded it did something to me I didn't see a dr again for over a year and then only due to a emergency I wish I had spoke up but I didnt

  • And he will do it again 2 months ago the same dr did it to my bby sister too man that lit a fire 🔥 under my butt

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