Im back !

Hi everyone im back after Five Hours sat waiting to see a doctor at the walk in center. And a very big THANK YOU to all you lovely people who answered my message love and hugs to you all xx. Well as I thought I have got shingles and also on top of that I have also got a chest infection so two wammys in one . Got anti virals for the shingles which hopefully will work because they think we have caught it soon enough yaaaa and iv got antibiotics for my chest so gonna be dosed up for a while . So im gonna go to bed see if I can sleep through the pain till I have to take more meds thanks all for all you support and friendship it is as always very much appreciated,love and hugs to you all :-) xxx

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  • So glad you went those anti virals worked miracles for me when I had it on my face and in my eye even though as it was a weekend and at that time there were no walk in clinics so had to wait until the Monday but the decrease in the symptoms was amazing. They picked up on your chest infection as well which is a double whammy. Ys you go and take plenty of fluids as it does help. Let us know how you are when you eventually surface again. Sleep well and repair your poor body.x😷😨😴😴😴

  • You poor thing! Quite some wait but at least you know where you are and are getting treatment for it. Remember the antibiotics kill the good and bad bacteria in our gut so maybe taking a yoghurt or drink infused with bacteria will help your health and recovery.

    Patrick x

  • Glad you're all sorted, hope you feel better very soon 😃

  • I'm glad you went. like rosewine the shingles med worked fast and helped me a lot when I had it. a long time to wait but worth it as you can start the meds tonight to fight both away. please rest.

    hugs x

  • Hi sorry to hear you are so poorly just now. Please take good care of yourself. Sending love and squishy cuddles. Hope to see you back soon. Dianne 😀X

  • Hi

    I am so pleased that you now know what you have and have the meds to make you better. You poor thing, please make sure you do rest and drink plenty of fluids. Also make sure you eat plenty of fruit rich in vitamin c. I was also advised that eating probiotic yogurts puts good bacteria back in your body, because the antibiotics kill all bacteria.

    Good luck, and I hope you begin to feel better soon. 🌺🌸

  • Hi stargirl47

    I am so pleased that you went to the ''Walk-In Centre'' and that you have got some medications. I want to sincerely wish you a speedy recovery and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks ken and a pain free sunday is wished for you :-) xx

  • x :)

  • On yoghurts, my carer and I were amazed to find that only one available within 15 miles had live bacteria. Years ago I used to make four pints at a time and no trouble getting a live yoghurt for the starter.

    Moral - look carefully at the label :-)

  • Hi stargirl47. Hope you feel better very soon! It was chickenpox that l think started my M.E shingles is something l live in fear of. I hadn't had it in childhood, but contracted it at the ripe old age of 33. Both the above & also cold sores are all the dreaded Herpes virus. Nasty little critters! Please take plenty of rest & vitamin C. Don't fight l stupidly did..after the body wanted rest & repair..but l ignored it..thought l didn't have time to be ill & paid a very high price. Developed M.E that took forever to be diagnosed & by the time it had turned chronic. 26 Yrs down the line & so wished l had rested:( What's a few weeks or months..compared to a Life Time!? A strong case of, 'If only you new then.. what you know now' 's P.S, if Shingles is chickenpox, the best thing I've found for anything itchy,(including bites), is Benodryl. Not sure if l have spelt it correctly..its a pink cream in a tube. Pity l didn't know of it 26yrs ago. Back then they used to advise using calamine lotion & it was useless!! Take Care of yourself.x

  • Thanks very much slingblade96 I didnt know benodryl did a cream so thats good to know. Im certainly going to have to have some time off work if it was only the shingles it would have been easier but with a chest infection on top and also the fibro I dont think I would be able to do to much any way so gonna have to take a few days off at least :-) And as you say if only you knew then what you know now . I certainly don't want to do any more damage than iv already done once again thanks , wishing you a pain free sunday xx

  • I'd suggest a lot longer than a few days hun. A few wks might be nearer the mark.xx

  • I've already replied to another of your posts, but try to hang on in there! In my experience, I still feeling the benefits of antibiotics withing 24 hours, but they really kick in for me after three days. Try to hold on, the cavalry is coming and they are nearly there!

  • Thanks for making me smile xx

  • The least I could do, and I'm glad it made you smile...!

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