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Made it to daughter managed the car journey from Calais. So our first holiday abroad since she was diagnosed..I chose a small holiday cabin..a friend gave me it for very a cheap far so good..My daughter has slept most of the time but she managed the shops today.. we only arrived yesterday. Suprisingly she managed weight boarding in Brighton..though the trainers thought her a bit of a drama queen about her friend who took her didnt inform staff of her disability. My daughter also didnt want staff I had a chat about risk..anyway she loved it..I am usually quite trying to plan sensibly, so with kayaking I will paddle in a double. So far one difficulty is having to book for attractions..with differing pain and fatigue levels this is difficult. So having to rely on turning up without booking and leaving it to a quiet day in..her back also needs clicking...which I cant do..anyway we are happy to have got this far..oh I am thankful the place is very quiet..and forgot to research disabilty rights/access in France..doing that now.

Wish you were here Dordogne.

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Have a wonderful time!



have a great time, sure it will do you all a lot of good. How great to have friends.


I genuinely hope that a fantastic time is had by all!

Have fun

Ken x


I hope you have a really wonderful holiday and that you all enjoy it as much as you can.

I hope you don't you don't mind me asking, but when I read your sentence about her back needing a "clicking" it slightly raised alarm bells in my head. I've always had back problems and my brilliant osteopath who I've been seeing for nearly 20 years now (very scary) always discouraged "clicking" - this may only be applicable to me, but he said people often want a "click" but infact it can do more damage than help. Please, if you have been advised by a professional that "clicking" is what your daughter needs to help her, please ignore my comment entirely ! :o

Sending lots and lots of positive healing and fun filled vibes your way :-)

Foggy x


my daughter sees an osteopath, we recently changed to a chiropractor. Both click her back and sometimes her neck..Somehow she feels when it needs clicking..I never touch or try to manipulate her spine..i am not competant or qualifed to..sometimes when she lies down and moves it seems to click..i have to admit i get a bit scared at the sound even when the chiropractor does it. She is only 14 so it does worry me. i was always taught that clicking your bones like knuckles is not good..

thank you all


Hi again nomad, I'm in total agreement with your last comment, I asked my GP if he could refer me to an osteopath because my osteo had had a massive heart attack and I never thought I would see him again . Apparently our local PCT will only fund referrals to Chiropractor and he said he would be medically negligent if he referred, me to a chiropractor....... I do have osteoporosis and have had several spinal compression fractures ! So I can only be led by his advice, so I think a chat with your daughter's GP might be helpful once you return from your holiday.

Wishing you the very very best possible holiday :-) :-)

Foggy x


Oh..well kind of in dispute with GP and pain management. .None fund holistic treatment..even though her attendance at school has increase by 20% they want her on amiltriptaline..which both of us say no too..the gp leaves decisions to pain management team who I personally feel are smug..condescending and false empathy which they have been trained to display..the rush to provide drugs is alarming..heavens I am in debt up to my eyes..and not worried yet because I believe that there really is no clear understanding of FM my daughter isnt going to be a trial for drug companies..I just read an article by the french who believe blood flow to the brain is different...though they only sampled women..but you are right perhaps I will ask a GP to check her..just to be safe..


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