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Thanks for the opening response salvos


So very much for your replies and words of both support and advice,

in respect to the pain over the many many years of suffering, pains just about everywhere we can think of at times and some maybe places we can't mainly due to confusion. Well I have over time become a very very strong willed person and each day on waking I would immediately switch to "Rise above it mode "

Which surprisingly enough I can hold for a fair length of time it always would show itself by my head and body profusely perspiring even on the coldest days its uncomfortable position to be in but helped me to keep some mobility through the waking hours Don't get me wrong I have take huge amounts of prescribed drugs over the years and still do but without the immense will-power I have honed and developed I personally know that by now I would be a full time chair user

I think what I am trying to say is I really do try to keep a positive attitude on my debilitating conditions and say well I am lucky I still have all my limbs and a Brain that that although is at times fighting for its own sanity its is still producing Concious thoughts and keeps me in the same day as everyone else My sense of humour has helped me through some pretty dire times and although I know the older I am getting the more cynical I become I am never above seeing the funny side to life


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Thank you so much for sharing with us all -

you know there is nearly always somebody about ready

and able to have a chat!

I personally think this is an invaluable service. So a Thank you to all those who operate FIBROACTION AND HEALTHUNLOCKED

We all appreciate every thing the service has to offer.

Thank You



Hi m1dnv

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Thank you so much for sharing that with us all, it is quite beautiful and inspiring, and I genuinely look forward to bumping into you around the forum.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Good for you sweetheart!!! Well said. I hope you are feeling as good as possible. Just hang in there honey. It's all any of us can do and it is so much better to laugh than to give in to tears. xxxx Mitzi


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