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The worst pain ever

Yes the worst pain I have ever had, why is it the weather maybe

The snow to come, I am not stressed so its not that, have I over

Done things well I don't think so.

The pain in my leg is so bad I can't bend to sit down, and I am

Ashamed to say husband had to help me take off my knickers

Once he would not have minded doing that. Good old days.

Medication has not helped at all never had it this bad so medication

Made no difference. It makes me want to say bad words like ..........

Yes that one how bad does it get no wonder so many people

Are disabled.

Love viv

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you were going to say FLIPFLOP !!

i have a new naughty word i made up that i use when the pain gets unbearable.

this is one of the hardest things explaining why its got so bad, my Hubby says well what have you been doing ? me as if ? i always behave myself ha ha

Seriously tho Viv it really does get you down i know, my left hip was bitching then the right thought my turn too so joined in meds don't help much only surgery but i want to delay as long as possible.

They say the snow is on its way so i guess thats 2 of us that won't be out sledging

Re help with undressing i am sure you would help your Hubby if required , its just one of those things , this isn't what we imagined our lives would become but then i don't think we could imagine this pain unless we suffered it

take care , very gentle hugs xx J


Thank you that was really lovely, I was thinking of a very

Naughty word but flipflop sounds good but not very naughty

You take care as well


flipflop is not my naughty word its umm too naughty to print ha ha xx


I empathise Vivien - winter is better for me usually - can't bear hot weather, I am so ill during the summer time. Hope you feel better too


hi vivien I am having a bad time aswel not just pain but one of my eyelids has dropped it looks awful I hope you feel better soon take care

love beth x


Thanks you all so much it helps to have a moan to people who

Understand, my family are great but it's not the same as people

Who have fibro.

I have had fibro for about 3 years and had no idea it got this bad

Hugs to all you kind people Viv x


Try finding a word in a foreign language that sounds like it should be a swear wore. I knew someone who use to say COO-GAL-SCHRI-BER. Not correctly spelt but he could put a lot of feeling into those 4 syllables. In German it means ball point pen but that don't have quite the same ring

good luck xx


I am experiencing a lot more pain. Mine is my left shoulder, ribs, hips, spine and right knee. I seem to be worse in the cold and empathize with you all.

Like Beth one of my eyelids has dropped the right one, its only slightly.

I find when I lean forward I get terrible pain in my ribs, like I have trapped something, but it is the muscle, its agony. At 4am my shoulder woke me up. Then my left arm started, mind you at the moment I am waiting for a test for angina as I get a lot of pain around my heart and in my left arm and breathlessness. I was diagnosed with Cardiomegaly ( inflammation of the heart). I have a spray that seems to help.

My family don't understand. I desperately need an angry word for pain.

Bongowench - German seems a harsh language. I remember my daughter learning the numbers and 'fumph' is one example five in German.

Bless you all....Not looking forward to the snow.



Your not alone Hun! I am also thinking it is the bitter cold I am in great pain right now. I do also have Osteo Arthritis in my hands and feet. so double the trouble. I hate it and find sleep is not easy to come by. up at all stupid hours. ....But is it caused by the weather or is it just aggravated by it? My word that I use often is : BUMBLE" I use it for the B word!


well we have a half inch of snow on the ground, glad to say it is melting but the sky looks full of it. I have no idea why your pain is so bad hun and I hope it gets better soon. But have you noticed how we say 'the worst pain ever' and that goes away and then the next lot of pain becomes 'the worst pain ever'. I think just when we think it is the worst, it gets worse to spite us xxxxx


Yes, I have never had it in my leg like this can't even sit

On the toilet, I think I have a high pain tolerance, but can't

Be doing with this.

I thought that if you did all the things right medication less stress

Then fibro was manageable and did not get ant worse, but mine

Has so just have to say naughty words....... ....... S.....

Thank you it's a nice reply

Hope you don't have to much pain yourself I live on the isle

Of wight we don't get to much snow

Are you up north

Hugs Viv


Yes, same here, so think it must be the weather : ( I knelt on the kitchen floor this afternoon and couldn't get up again, even hit my face on a cupboard trying. My husband eventually heard me calling and helped me up. It seems to be his roll in life at the moment as I have taken to falling over, I have been lucky so far and not broken anything just praying luck stays with me, as I am actually my husbands carer.

I am not one to swear but just lately when I have been led on the floor unable to get up again I have just let it rip.

Gentle hugs xxx


You have just described my daily life ,with the fibro,it all get too much ,my partner has to sit me up in the mornings cause im siezed up .does anyone find that if you roll on your back during the night that you have excrutiating pain,i woke up twice in bits cause of the pain on friday night ,im getting pain down my legs n numbness,,,also i suffer from alot of spasms when i try to relax.ive now got a bit of alump come up right by my spine ,,,i tried to have a bit of a boogie,But i now know why i have to not join in ,,all i wanted was to have a normal night out with friends ,but it always makes it so hard for nearly a week later ,,,

im at te end of my tether ,,,

I suppose i should say im new here and just felt like i needed to vent,,

I Have 4 boys aswell and i cant do much at all anymore ,

they are very good 13 year old twins ,who do the washing ,the dishwasher ,te cleaning and the hoovering cause i would just be in pain if i bend ,,,I feel like its not fair ,im supposed to be the mum ,im just always too tired or in pain to do things ,,,

i dont know what i would do if it wasnt for my partner and my children ,,,,

thnks for reading



Hi reuberta

Nice to meet you, yes I have the same problem with the mornings

This fibro is the pits.

It makes life so hard, nothing takes the pain away, my children are

Grown up I can't imagine how awful it is for you not being able to do

Things for your children and having to watch as they do house work

But it will make them better people for caring.

I know that you will find lots of people in here that can help you

There's nothing like chatting to people who understand, every one

Are nice. In here.

The trouble is you can't see an end to the pain can you we just have

To accept that life is different, don't feel guilty your family love you

It's easy for me to say this I know I don't have children at home

But you will get days that are manageable.

Hugs viv


Hi all,

i can relate in someway or another to all of you, oh the joys of being a fibro/ cfs sufferer, can any of you tell me if you get muscle spasms in your forearms causing your hands to become claw like,only for a moment or so thank god as its excruciating. I only ask as I'm not sure if its part of fibro.



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