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The fight is over

After being moved from middle rate care to low on dla I started the battle to get it reinstated. At first when I had fibro I coped ok..still managing to do things although it took time and effort but lately it has become worse...also being diagnosed with osteoarthriis hasnt helped.(need a new hip..not done by my lha..why? Im too young!!)....I need a wheelchair to go out and find the simpilist tasks exhausting. So couldnt understand why my dla care was reduced...anyway received notification that they are putting me back on middle rate care :-)

.For this I have to thank my mum who has been a great support and fought for me all the way...also my new doctor who has a great understanding of fm.( I changed drs earlier this year cos my old one attributed everything to fibro!!)

So to everyone fighting for help ...keep going and dont lose heart .


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So pleased you have got it. I am still fighting for it as my care package from local authority amounts to 22 hours a week for personal care, meals, etc. I need this to enable me to continue to work as I too find doing myself leaves me in pain and exhausted. I will continue to fight too x


good for you , I havnt even started the claim process yet and afetr reading all the horror stories i'm not looking forward to it


well done deb! and your mum!




Congratulations glad to hear your dla was reinstated XH


I don't know where you live but you are never too young to have a hip replacement, I had mine at 41 and whilst there a girl of 25 had one, and my consultant actually performs them on children too... if you can make the journey, ask for a referral to Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, check out their website. if it's needed they will do it. and it's much better than using a wheel chair. but if they think you will depend more on a wheelchair they won't do it. been there..... I have been attending this hospital for 33 years and wouldnt go anywhere else, mind you just of late because of depression and fibro together they said that if I'm going to spend every day in bed they won't do it, as new hips need to be walked on to bed them it. they actually work better when used..... I keep wondering if mine needs oiling now though, as i think its ceasing up ! but due to other problems as well, they don't think I will be ale to manage having the other one just yet, but when I am ready I will be going back there. it's worth looking into. wish you luck xx


Well Done Deb! :)

I tried fighting when mine was reduced from high rate to low rate some years ago and I ended up worse off after the tribunal than before I went! I don't agree with the low rate care, but I'm too scared and too tired to go through all that again, so for the moment they've won. What scares me even more right now is reading the info from benefits and work to help me fill in the ESA form, they say that the ESA decision could also trigger another review of my DLA :( I'm so happy that you succeeded though, it does give me hope.


Glad you got it sorted out. I am low care and high mob. I am on low care as I refuse to let anyone take care of my personal stuff unless I really need it. Even when in the bath(I bathe in the dark buffed slightly by the street light outside) if I need help I will drain the bath and wrap up in a towel before anyone is allowed in. They saw this as self caring and not because the reason I do this is through depression and my past. But I was awrded indefinite so I was not prepared to rock the boat on it. xxxxx


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