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Weird Sensation

Okay peeps this may sound a bit weird or gross and I do apologise but I need answers. I have had an aching pain in my left side near the groin area. It pulls when I walk or turn over in bed. For the last two days its been even weirder. As many of you will know our bowels tend to suffer a lot with our conditions and mine is definitely been suffering. There are so many things that I cannot eat now that I used to love, simply because my bowels can't deal with it. Anyway (went a bit off kilter then) when I went the loo yesterday (okay weird horrible bit coming up) and opened my bowels I could literally feel it inside, it's like I could feel the release inside my abdomen. Have you ever had this feeling? Then today when I went the loo for a number 1 and pretty much the same thing happened again. I got a huge pain in my left side (it's always this side) and again could feel the release inside my abdomen as it happened. Have you ever experienced anything like this? I don't know about you but when I go the loo these days I do tend to get some pain and I end up breathing through the pain as if I'm in labour!! I went to the doctor earlier this week to have a check up of my meds and ask about a few other things ( I literally had list like I'd give father christmas) and so didn't get round to mentioning the problem. The feeling inside the abdomen has only happened within the last couple of days but the pain in the left side has been constant. I said to my husband that I should go back to talk to her about it but he said ring up on Monday for a phone consult. My GP has been great but I don't want to be bothering her for every single thing. Should I ring for a phone consult or ring up on Monday and make an actual appointment to see her? I would love to hear from you, mostly so I know that I'm not alone or been taken over by aliens. I use humour to help me cope with this blinking illness. I think if I didn't laugh I would literally cry my eyes out every single day so I say funny things but I am serious about my pain and wouldn't make a mockery out of our illnesses It's just that we all cope in different ways. If you can help me I really really would love it if you could. So many thank yous and gentle hugs xxxx

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Hi babebatista

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering from this issue, and it really is a good question (as you say, with our condition our bowels are a problem). Firstly, anything of this nature; it is a necessity to discuss it with your GP, as it could be almost anything that is causing the issue? So you need to have certain other medical conditions ruled out first!

However, saying this, it is more likely to be something that you have not taken into account, such as IBS creating diarrhea, and then constipation? If you get constipated the opening of the bowel feels larger? However, as we all know nothing then actually happens! One of the biggest causes of constipation for Fibro sufferers are our pain killers, as many of the ingredients prohibit excretion? Especially Codeine!

I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution to this issue, however, please make your GP a priority as I have already said, just to rule other things out.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi Ken,

Thank you so much. It's been worse overnight and again today so I will ring up my doctors surgery to have a consult with her. Thank you for your lovely words of encouragement and also for responding to me. I know it's not easy for us all and as you say we all do seem to suffer with one or the other. Sending many gentle hugs to you. x


Good luck at the doctors babebatista

Ken x



I think you should definitely go and see your GP about this one as he/she will need to do a quick exam to identify if it's anything other than IBS. I think we're all a bit guilty of putting off GP visits and assuming every odd pain and sensation is related to fibro or whatever other condition we're lucky enough to have in conjunction with it. There is a lot other than the bowel crammed in the abdomen, especially for ladies, to it would be sensible to get things checked out. It might just be a muscle strain, which would explain the sensations you're getting, but then again it might be something that needs treating or investigating further. Your GP won't think you're wasting their time. Hope you get it sorted soon xx


Hi mistymeana,

Thank you so much for your response and kind words. I am ringing my surgery tomorrow to make an apt for her as it's been worse today. I agree about thinking that it's all to do with my fibro or my M.E. My GP is so great she has supported me ever since the beginning but I still always think that there are worse people than me out there that need her aswell. But I do agree with you that this needs to be sorted out and certainly not left. Thank you, gentle hugs to you xxx


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