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Weird hot and crawling sensation

Hi guys, not been on for a while and seem to only leave a message when my chips are down , so I apologise in advance. Over the last couple of days I have experienced a very strange sensation (hot, crawling) starting at the base of my neck up over the right hand side of my head, as time went on it ended up all the way down my right hand side.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Hope all mums have had a lovely day today, not seen much of my boy but got a lovely hug, card and preside this morning x

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perhaps side effect from tablets...I would call gp in am or in mean time if it gets worse nhs 24. take care


Hi , is it a unbearable feeling or one that's not so bad and comes n go, reason for asking is,, keep a eye out for a rash cough and swollen glands . Also yes get on phone to nHS call line for advise its free ,, otherwise docto in morning. If it gets bad you can hi ANe if your close . I am a bit of a moaner when it comes to my health I never used to be but I am now . I wouldn't take a paracetamol of go to GP unless it was absolutely nessasary but I do now , OCD realised that I can't just leave things anymore . I have had a crawly thing that strata off mild n turns into a itchy all over my chest and really bad in my scalp but then disappears after a whole it normally get quiet intend before it disappears completely .


I meant but I realised I couldn't just leave things anymore ,, spell corrected did OCD ,, it's mad writing on a iPhone . I hope your ok n itchy things stopped


Hi karencw,

I have the most peculiar sensations around my neck and head, one of the permutations is as you describe and often these strange things include my eyes "feeling tired" and are a prelude to migraine-type pains. I do have a somewhat degenerating cervical spine though and have already had two discs replaced.

If you have these often, especially if accompanied by head pain, you might need to look to your neck for be answer: equally I would keep in mind any strange positions you have had your shoulder/neck in this weekend.

I hope things settle so you might sleep ok tonight...



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This feeling is known as 'Formication'.

It can have many causes, most of them insignificant, but it can be a sign of the onset of shingles.

If it persists, it would be best to check with your GP.

Moffy x


Thank you everyone for your replies this sensation seems to have settled down a bit. People with fibro get the most awful weird things don't they?

Take care everyone and thanks again x


Too bad doctors don't know the answer. Crawling sensation in one area of the scalp is nothing more than a slow onset of shingles attack! Unless you don't bathe or are exposed to lice on trains or schools, this is nothing more than a shingles attack, (nerves inflamed by chickenpox virus due to mental trauma in your life) which can be spread like wildfire and give you hell on earth if you scratch your head and pop the first pimple. It will spread and turn into very painful boils on one half of your head all the way down to your eye socket and maybe same side of face on your cheek and sides. You will feel like you have been bitten by 1,000 African Bees. Your face will feel like it is on fire. The scalp will feel the fresh effects of bee sings. You will feel crawling sensation all over the boils and a pounding headache. You will lose sleep for a week. The antiviral medicine will slow down the excruciating pain about 10% but the virus must go through its rioting period of about two weeks. I am still going through it, it is horrible, because I have learned about it through suffering. Shingles are revived chicken pox version except with a vengence, if it attacks your head area which usually includes the eyeball. This smart menacing virus only attacks one side of your head or body. You can stop it if you don't rub your scalp or any pimple on your eyebrow or face. My attack started because I popped the pimple on my eyebrow and it's been over a week of debilitating agony!


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