Recording Assessment?

Hiya guy I have heard so many bad reports about Atso saying diffarant to what's been said. Ie saying that you drove your self there when you actually got the bus. By way husband will be taking me in our car. There's no way I could catch a bus not without having a loo on it. Lol got to laugh cause otherwise will cry.

Are we alound to ask it to be recorded or record it our selfs or do you think that this will put there back up to start with.

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  • Do not record your assessment! It will invalidate your claim and is inadmissible in any event. You will have to specifically request it to be recorded.

    If you do make the request, your assessment will probably be adjourned and you will have to wait much longer for a new one to be set up.

    Lu xx

  • Ho it's ok I would ask them first I would not do it without them knowing.

    I think I am better just scrapping this diray I never done one before anyway.

    Thanks for advice.

    I was thinking of ring them and asking for it to be recorded that was all.


  • You're welcome :) xx

  • Hi. You can record your self but if you have to appeal it wont stand up. You need to contact the assessors before the date of your assessment and request that it is recorded. It is your right to have this. When I recently got my date through I phoned them to confirm that it was going to be recorded as I had requested in my form and they didnt know anything about it and asked when I had requested it. Made me wonder if they had read my form at all! They have sent me through a new date now with recorded assessment. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • Hiya thanks for that but I have been on web. Yes you can tell them that you are going to record it and that's fine , but you have to have the facility to leave them a copy of the recording before you leave so in other words you have to have to devices to do the recording other wise you can do it. You are not allowed if you can't give them a copy there and then.

    To my curiosity I also found out that they can makes you do anything that may cause you pain or discomfort, I find this funny because I am in constant pain so by having to travel and go there they are causing me more pain and discomfort. Wonder how that will stand up.

    Contradiction or what.

  • You can request that they visit you at home if you are not fit to travel 😄

  • Can only request that if my doctor visits me every time at home. And Apparently ATOS don't do home visits,

  • hi you can request ahome vist from ATOS,they did mine and my granddaughters at our homes

  • Ho how you managed that then I have been told I can only get a home visit if my doctor visits me at home more than I go there.

  • And thank you for any info you can give me to arrange one.

  • That's a real shame you can't win hugs x

  • It,s ok because we all have to go through it. Think what they don't understand is that what ever I do I hurt. If I didn,t do anything because it hurts I would doing nothing what so ever, well we might as well not be here.

    If I do nothing it hurts if I do something it hurts so can't win. I am hurting now writing this.

    Thanks anyway

  • just watch them lot,dont trust them as they have en told to knock people back xx

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