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anyone seen a chiropractor?



It's ages since I've written on the site - I don't know why really, probably just that I use the depression one more - anyway my GP has referred me to the chiropractor at the health centre. I've also got arthritis and get sciatica badly and am wondering whether anyone knows what she will do and whether it will help with fibro as well?


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I personally don't see one as the doc didn't think it would be helpful for my condition but my friend and her husband both swear by them. Her chiropractor first took a full account of all her health problems and what tablets and treatments she already had before even starting to work on her. She then gently manipulated her spine and did different rotations of her hips, etc. She said initially she would feel very sore and actually in more pain the next day but then would suddenly realise that she was moving more easily. She now goes back for top up sessions regularly. if you have been referred by your doctor hopefully he will have forwarded all your details on. Good luck with it and let us know how you progressx

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Oh thanks, that sounds positive. I will try to remember to post what happens. Sue

I've never seen one, but know un-fibro people who do and find they help.


ps I was going to ask "where did you leave him?" :D

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It was a joke :) it was as if you'd lost one (anyone seen a blue hairbrush? No, where did you leave it)

I have ..... !

Firstly, I have missed you and wondered where you were? And I really hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today?

My GP sent me to see a chiropractor and he was really good! I had a thorough examination, I had acupuncture and massages, but the massages made me feel worse. I can honestly say, that he was more thorough than any hospital consultant I have ever seen! He explained everything he was doing as he did it, and explained what and why he was undertaking certain examinations.

The chiropractor wrote a report for my GP saying I had Fibromyalgia, and he has kept in touch with me since I last saw him in October last year and I get questionnaires and information emails. So I highly rate my experience.

I hope that this helps you in some way?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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Yes, many thanks, that sounds really positive. Suex

I have been seeing chiropractors on and off for years. I have to see privately as I can't get on referral... But do it. They work holistically and every little snuffle and twinge is taken into account.

I can honestly say I wouldn't have the range of mobility that I do if it wasn't for chiro. I can't do massage as it is ridiculously painful!

I'm lucky as when I got my diagnosis through she went off an swotted up on the condition so she knew the best way to treat me.

It may hurt after the first few adjustments, but keep going...the results are worth it!!

Good luck!

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Oh right, that sounds good, I was concerned as research says it isn't advisable for fibro though good for some joint problems. I will talk it through with the practitioner and see what happens today - hopefully it won't leave me in too much pain as I have a fairly busy day ahead of me! Sue


Not seen a chiropractor before but use osteopathy sometimes to help with various issues. Hopefully they can help with movement and perhaps show you some exercises to help with sciatica. I know my osteo has been very useful where a GP can only prescribe painkillers. Good luck ! x

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Yes I saw an osteopath some years ago and left feeling 10 years younger but sadly the NHS won't use osteopaths because they consider there is no research evidence... Suex

Hi there -Treatment from a good osteopath or chiropractor can really help to release, realign & retrain troublesome areas, especially those soft tissue bits where we've siezed up to protect and compensate for the bits that cause us pain. It's good to go on recommendation though, as with any kind of practitioner, there are those who are better than others. After a treatment you might feel a bit sore, but that will pass within 24-48 hours, and you should feel a lot better after. When we're in constant pain, it's scary to potentially open ourselves up to more, but it is temporary, and I believe there are two kinds of pain: the bad pain, but also the good kind of healing pain. It's the latter you want & it passes. It's just an inevitable and temporary reaction to the treatment. These kind of treatments aren't a quick fix though, so don't expect miracles! you usually have to have several sessions, and it doesn't come cheap:-( I have tried osteopathy, chiropractic and deep tissue remedial massage & all have helped to a greater or lesser degree but I have found that the best one for me is the deep massage, but it's not for everyone. Horses for courses! Whoever you go to should set you some gentle exercises too which will also hopefully help, and will be tailored to YOU - unlike the 'one size fits all' approach of hospital physios. Good luck and in your first session, ask him or her any questions that you want, or any concerns you might have. All the best, Love bonnie x

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thanks, for support, Suex