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Has anyone else seen this?


Hi, been coping with aftermath of several life stresses, so have no idea what's hip n hot on here just now, but guys - have you seen this.....


hmmmm.... watch this space methinks!

Meanwhile - really could use a laugh, point me in direction of what's been good lately?!

Hope y'all been chins up (bums out, toes in... oh that's me! sorry ;) )

frangi x

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Have. you seen how expensive it is ? I think it will be some time before it arrives in England.

Thanks for the thumbs up though We have had quite a few outings but today it is the battle of the cats I have missed it but hey you do some times. xxgins

Hi Frangi, missed you, nice to see you again, I'm a tad au de combat at the moment, but Zeb and haribo have been up to all sorts with the evil cats. Methinks we need another virtual trip again soon to cheer us all up as the nights draw in.

How you doing despite the stresses ? Sending posti e vibes your way :-)

Foggy x

Thanks Foggy, that's lovely - and so good to see your 'member of the month' title!

Oh yes - a virtual trip (claps hands and 'dances' in circles, gets tied up in something, collapses on sofa) um... sorry, what was that?

Frangi xxx

I wonder is anyone ready to go to the pantomime I recon we could put on a really good one along the lines of Snow white and the fibromites (dwrfs) Usual cast of heroine prince charming badly the bad one. A few animals a wicked witch or a sea witch tin man magic pumpkin/bumpkin you now the sort of thing . What do you recon shall we ask Sian an Pip and everyone. The plot needs writing etc. xxgins

hamble99b in reply to Ginsing

time for panto? oh no it isn't :) oh yes it is :D

hamble99b in reply to hamble99b

apart from doc & bashful, I've been everyone lately!

how about swapping their names to croc and painfilled?

Hidden in reply to Ginsing

Are you hinting for some theatrics Gins ???

Hidden in reply to Ginsing

Of course you are :D ;) :D

Frangi-pan in reply to Ginsing

me! me! a sea witch! with Turkish delight and magic apple (a nice one that makes people better, not a nasty put-them-to-sleep one) :D x

wildwoman in reply to Ginsing

Ooh yes, i love panto, lets do it!


Hi Frangipan

Good to hear from you, that is interesting but very expensive, there's no chance any doc will send me for that test at that price :o LOLOL

With respect to fun and games it sounds like Gins is looking for a fibro panto, not quite sure how it would work!? but could be fun :D

There will probably be another virtual trip soon, although, I'm not sure where to :o

Any suggestions? where would you like to visit to help cheer you up?

Warming and calming fluffies hope you feel better soon :)

:) xxxzebxxx :)

Nice to see you back Frangi-Pan :)

Good evening frangi-pan,that's good news that there is a test but why so expensive! :(

Frangi-pan in reply to haribo36

My guess is because it is still very new and they have to recoup the cost, but I'm sure it will come down and then come over here! x


hi just read this post about the test is it injection ??? asim petrified of needles due to stuff that happend when i was homless i selfharmed when they treied take my bloods few months ago been worrying about it and having nightmares about needles due what they did to me on the streets :-( scared il be forced take needle again it would kill me

Frangi-pan in reply to Hidden

I'm so sad to hear some of what you've been through oryan... It didn't give any details in the article about injections sadly. Hope for your sake it doesn't :)

I'm happy just now that they are trying to do something about this Fibro - specially since it's been treated as non-existent by so many docs... fibro has been recognised much more in the States which is why the research has been done there and this test discovered. It will be ages before it arrives here in Britain I suspect ;)

Hope you're going on ok just now... keep in touch with this forum - they are a great gang and very supportive of anybody - whatever or wherever they've come from :)

gentle hugs to you oryan. Frangi x

Hidden in reply to Frangi-pan

Hi frangi thank you for your reply,had bad experiences wheni was homeless with needles im petrified of them ::-( my wife went doctors get my fibro and emntal health meds and the chemist said from my syptoms it maybe chronic pain on its own or with fibro said he gonna talk my gp as they very similar in symptoms im confused as trusted gp ...

i dont know what do if it comes here as i cant have needle near me i had the nurse out yesterday for bloods and i freaked out at them then they said they cant force me and they scared me so much when came here but my gp said they can force me have bloofs imso scared x

big hug to you xx andy

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