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Chiropractor. Has anyone tried this approach to improve your pain in Fibro?

I started to see a chiropractor last week due to my neck and back pain a d after the X rays he told/showed me how bad it was. He said that my dizzyness and probably pain all over the body maybe due to hard communication between brain and body.

I'm seeing some improvements after 1 appoi ntment.

He said that it is possible to improve with time.

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I see one regularly and it does help my pain.


Hi, I went to a chiro years ago before i was diagnosed for my neck and back and it really improved and me me loads. I kept going even after i was diagnosed with FM as i felt relief after. i have moved since and had been going up until about a year ago as my FM has changed and i dont think i could handle the chiro but if my pain eases off i will be going back.

Take Care

Jo xx


Thanks for your answers.

I also belief that it will improve my situation and then I'll be able to return to my work and continue with more treatments.

I know it is expensive but if it helps we have to try, yes?

Our spine and brain controls the majority of organs that are troublesome in Fibro. Maybe if this is covered by NHS more people could benefited from this.....

Of course it is painful sometimes but we are already in pain aren't we?

I'm very optimist about this and I'll keep you posted about improvements or not....

Gentle hugs




You are right we do need to try other methods to see ifit works and yes it is expensive but if you can find 1 thing that helps and relieves some pain then it is worth it in my eyes. I just wish that there was more alternatives on the NHS that was available to us apart from just tablets!!!!

Yeah keep me posted on how you get on as lately i have been trying alternatives like reflexology, massage etc but it is so expensive that i can go every week or month!!!!

Take care and fingers crossed the chiro is good for you.



Hi Jo has reflexology helped. I have thought about trying it but dont want to pay out if it does'nt help as you say its expensive and had to give up work 7yrs ago cause of fibro. Also woundered if massage would hurt as i feel sore all over. Hope you dont mind me asking. take care soft hugs Marg xx


Hi Marg, I have had 2 reflexology sessions and it made me feel more relaxed but im not sure if it really helped with the pain etc but it does help to relax you. I have also had a remedial massage but i found it very sore and it didnt really do very much for me and was told that i would need about 6 seesions before i felt any relieve if any which is why i tried reflexology.

Hope this helps. take care jo xxx


I used to go, had to stop due to lack of funds! But yes it was helpful, he could not manipulate me as my body reacted so badly, but he used to do something to the trigger points, which lasted some time, I was only because of him that I found out I had scoliosis. best wishes Cazx


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