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Today just imagine the next half hour is yours to dream of some where / anywhere in the world!

Where would you go ? Who would you select to go with? What music can you hear?

What time of day? Is it dawn noon or dusk? Is it Hot are the natives friendly? Do you come here often :)?

Would you like to stay a while and play! Play what well that is up to you take the lead show us where and we will follow _

The first to start gets the easy option the second please continue in same vein and so on good luck lets see where we get to by coffee time :)


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so no one needs to step away for the morning and come to a land where there is no pain ! Try it this really works xxgins


A day of fibromising eh gins!!

.....................do you like my new word for our virtual playtimes - fibromites improvising :P

I used my grey cells to compose those 2 posts earlier so shall need to reboot the brain but shall be back :D

Why not get the fibromite bus ready and the picnic hamper and see where it magic's us to :D

Huge energising fluffies for the day xxx sian


I'm fantasising that I am in the North of Scotland quaffing champagne looking over the Summer Isles. For once the sun is shining and there are no midges. It is back in the days when we were well enough to have a motorcaravan and we know that not far away there is a welcoming site where we can hole up for the night and sit out talking and eating bacon and mushroom sarnies. Our old dog is still with us and she is wagging her tail in anticipation of savouring some of her Dad's lager. We are relaxed and happy and the only pain is that soft ache in the muscles after a lovely day walking in the wilderness. You can but dreamx


Morning Rosewine, Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful memory :)


I deviated? I am on an intergalactic space ship with 'Jewel Staite' alias Dr Jennifer Keller of StarGate Atlantis! Who is obviously of the Tau'ri. We are on a thousand year journey from one galaxy to another. We sit and we talk and philosophise about life, the universe and everything.

Yeah I know, my wife has just started laughing at me!

Thank you gins, I now have a thousand years to ponder upon everything?

Ken x


So there is no hurry then :) xxgins




I could never hurry Jennifer Keller!

Take care x x x x x


Back on planet earth,

I am sat on the beautiful white sands of st pete's beach, florida. The golden sun is setting through a myriad of colours and the moon highlights the stragglers on the beach. The weary children softly cradled in their parent's gentle arms. The lovers entwined in each others arms, or sharing whispered conversations that only they can hear.

as we sit and watch a quiet hush descends, the sun has now vanished .

Then a tiny murmur begins and word is passed around in awed tones "They're coming."

You can feel the excitement grow, but no-one wants to break the silence.

Then, without almost seeming to make a splash or any waves, "they" arrive... no-one moves, it's hard to remember to breathe...

A small of family pod of beautiful, graceful dolphins!

They splash, they chase, they roll and they dive. Then, with a final turn they disappear beneath a wave and silently leave as magically as they arrived - minutes, maybe hours ago.

no-one wants to move,

We don't speak.

We smile as we pass, but the looks we share say "yes, we know"and slowly wend our way home, to sleep, perchance to dream! of the magic moment.



Thank you so much I loved being part of your dream and yes the hushed a peaceful looks that impart knowledge shared :)


I was sorely tempted to have a "it's grenola" moment! ;)


For one moment that felt like an eternity, I thought you were going to crunch on your Granola and the aliens would fly away in the UFO?

And then you would say ..... 'It's Granola, ....... Granola ........

hehehehehe! x x x x x


chuckle shhhhhh dont spoil it. I was reading today the dolphins are sighted off Aberdeen how exciting is that ?


Hope some more join in today, it could be fun :)


The sun plays dapple patterns. I hear the birds singing, spring is here in the mountains of Italy. Out on the patio I gather a chair a book a pillow, I turn the chair so when I sit I can see the tall mountain peaks covered in snow. It looks like icing on a cake soft yet furled in peaks and troughs billowing down towards the village.

The sky today is so blue, deeply enchanting only the occasional tiny cloud passing looking like snow broken away from the tops of the mountains. Setting the pillow behind my head I sit on the lounger , a gentle wriggle - look a butterfly it seems to dance in the warming rays of the sun while it dries out its wings.

Clank Clank clank, a row of cows rumble there way down the lane. In the distance I can here a strong melodious

male voice calling them in for milking. The cows as usual continue to wander there way towards the road, then a rattling noise - small boy shouting,the cows retreat. The warmth of the sun gently enters my skin and cocoons me in a healing sleep.....................


lovely! I felt I was right there with you! :)


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