Morning sitting here and prompted by something someone said my mind now keeps singing

Cadburys Fruit and Nut do you remember the advert with Frank Muir it was all the rage in early 70's ok I am showing my age but I am proud to be the age I am how about you. We didn't get to where we are today without being happy smiling people Now who can use a line from an advert or play and utilise it in our marvelous nutty conversations so starting with

I didn't get where I am today without being a fruit and nut case............

please continue from there lets see where it goes it should be fun :)


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  • 'Everyone's a fruit & nut case'......yes I remember it well. Showing my age as well ah well!!! It's only when someone else remembers these forgotten treasures that makes us realise what else there is stored in the back of the cupboard. The only way I get through is by being a complete 'fruit & nut case too'. Long may we reign.

    Have a happy fruit and nut day.

    Tannels x

  • nuts! whole hazel nuts!

    Cadbury's take 'em, and they cover them with chocolate!

  • I have just read this and it made me laugh out loud!!! very funny x It just reminded me of another one.. Peanuts!! Golden Wonder their Jungle Fresh.....I am definately losing the plot now!! x

  • Do you know how humans make Smash? They boil potatoes and beat them into bits! How primitive! Heeheehee - haahaahaa! ( little robots)

    That's an old un'!

    Moffy x

  • That reminds me of the joke about the two boiled eggs in the pot. One said to the other....'phew it's hot in here' the other replied....'you wait till you get out, you get your head smashed in'......the old uns are the best. Hope that's not too lame for this time in the morning.

    tannels xx

  • Brill xxx gins LOL

  • Ha ha love it!

  • Does it still exist ?

  • smash does, but it's a powder not the nugget shaped things.

  • My goodness moffy I sure do remember that one, and " im the secret lemonade drinker " says they guy in his striped pyjamas opening the fridge in the middle of the night lol .....Dee x

  • Yes I remember..'everyone's a fruit and nut case' I am anyway:)

    What about..'only the crumbliest flakiest chocolate' or the Hamlet ad....Happiness is...

  • Brain fog! darn it!



  • "What's got a hazelnut in every bite" ......... Topic .....that's the first that sprang into my befuddled head

    Foggy x

  • Squirrrel poo! :O

  • Naughty, naughty, naughty Moffy, exactly what I nearly put, but I'm a ladeeeeee

  • Oooooo and then there was the ongoing and every changing blond child in a cowboy hat ........... "The Milky Bars are on Me" .......says Foggy throwing them at anyone and e everyone as she always thought they were far too sickly and sweet !

  • Oh and the dashing man flying through the window >>>>>>>>>> " and all because the Lady loves Milk Tray" <<<<<<<<<<<<

    Golly wow, Foggy has clearly spent too many hours watching television, my mother always told me I'd get square eyes. [_] * [_] Lol.....

  • Didn't think anyone could make me smile today but the squirrel poo did it!! How about ' If you like a Lotta chocolate on your biscuit join our club'.

  • So pleased it made you smile. :-) :-) That is exactly the reason why we try to do some fun posts, just making one person able to smile, when they thought they couldn't is our reasoning !!

  • Well,they say laughter is the best medicine. I have hundreds of jokes hanging around in my head. Maybe someone should suggest a topic and we see if we can come up with a joke about it. If that's allowed that is.

  • Of course it is we have a comedy slot :) lead the way xgins

  • "a finger of fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat."


    "it beats, as it sweeps, as it cleans"

  • milk & Frank Muir:-

    "watch out, watch out,

    there's a ... about" - who's old enough to remember what was?

  • Wasn't it something to do with a straw ??

  • yes red & white one's were used by....... ?

  • Humphry!!

  • Oh yes, look out, look out there's a Humphrey about, thanks pottyydog :-)

  • well done :D

  • pppppick up a penguin not likely they bite lol enjoyed this today thanks everyone xxgins

  • Whatever happened to the Nescafe lovers, it was like a weekly soap. Did they ever get married???? What about Lorraine Chase's ' was you wafted here from paradise, nah Luton airport'

  • I don't know what went wrong, but she ended up as a nurse on Holby and he helped Buffy the vampire slayer!

  • Oh yes, I often hum that to myself, it could be my theme tune! I loved the adverts back then, Happiness Is A Cigar Called...., was another favourite, just so funny!! All very un pc now sadly. I never smoked, just loved the humour of the ads!

  • I loved the rolo advert with the elephant.

  • a little boy teased an elepant with a rolo, as the elephant reached his trunk out to take it, the boy ate it.

    next there is a parade and as the elephant walks along he sees the boy now a man.

    next, he gets his revenge - it was funny, believe me :D

  • the polo advert no it was the glaciers ad for mints with the bear and the fox !

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