silly o'clock club

so be it peeps it is the silly oclock club where you can dance sing shout scream we can go fishing . I know go and get a bag of chips and sit in the park and drink cider and let the police come and take us home with are heads down in shame . But hay who cares we are the silly o'clock club we can even sit together and try each others meds only joking ( I would never let someone have med that there doctor has given them ) so who is up for a night on the town a night of singing dancing and skipping down the street . we can also play hide and seek I am good at hiding away so no one can see me

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  • Lol Kath, you are silly o'clock crazy nutz but in a good fun way hahaha x

  • I was thinking about of pretending to be in New Orleans during ma te gra walkin down the street singing and throwing beads at everyone I see!!

  • A little madness is good. champagne o,clock anyone?

  • hay I will go any were any time any day and the more the merria we can all hold each other up and have a drink for each other away we can go I have my passport all up to date you can set the time and were we go and what we do . I remember a game from when I was young and most of you will remember I say one line turn the paper over and then someone wrights the next line and then we open the paper and read what is on there so here goes

    Manchester air port getting ready to get a 2/30 am flit to ( now go for it and then tomorrow lets see were and what we will do and who we meet way to go

  • Flying out to s dessert island. Running through the sands in barefeet, i feel

    The gritty sand running through my toes, i see palm trees waving at me through the breeze. I spy a small dingy who is going to

    TTake me on the next adventure to??

  • I'm up for all of that but when we play hide and seek what will I do if I forget where I've hidden

  • I will find you snappy for as long as I can remember what I was looking for! Now I know I was looking for something....what was it I was looking for and where in the world am I ???

  • see you forgot I was a person that's why you can't find me

  • The silly o'clock club really appeals to my nature! Let me know what obscure and daring raid or act of nonsense that i can perform for a laugh?

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Mexico, to surprise my son and his girlfriend who are holidaying there. I am in their cabin on the beach looking bronzed and wearing a long flowing dress. I am holding a box that contains the ring as he is about to propose to her. (Really)😍. A great big turtle arrives and beckons me to get on his back. Where is he going to take me?

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