So much for spring - it's snowing here...where would you go?

So much for spring - it's snowing here...where would you go?

Well, they forecast it, we have just had a snow shower here and my body is doing its best impression of a barometer. Tuesday was sunny and warm and now here we are, almost back in winter. Ggrrrrr

If you were well and able, where in the world would you go to get away from this English climate ?

Foggy x

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  • Lol it was supposed to snow here and we have glorious sunshine... So where would I go to get away... A nice quiet tropical deserted island with all mod cons and where I could leap into a warm sea and mingle with the fishes...

    Yours greenly

    VG x

  • Me too, was thinking of scuba diving in the Maldives.....ahhhh if only.......

    Foggy x

    Ps the green suits you, very clever, but I still prefer the "old" you. Hehe

  • It's dull and sleety in Southampton, but we have sunshine forecast later this week.

    I would dearly love to go to Venice for a while - one of the best places I've ever been, tho' Paris is pretty good too!

    I love the primroses, Foggy!

    Moffy x

  • Thanks Moffy, they're in the corner of my garden, marking where I buried my beloved cat Hollyberry, 3 years ago. A beautiful reminder of her !

    I agree, Venice would be great, I have been to Tuscany a few times, but not to Venice , it's on my list of "what to do when I'm better" !!

    Foggy x

  • Seize the day, it doesn't sound very easy to be better from this pain.

  • Carpe old moto ......ahhhhh .... those were the days when I had the energy to seize it !!

    Heehee. Foggy x

  • I'd go to Saint Pete's beach florida and watch the dolphins frolic at sunset.

  • Oh my Sandra, you can do that, on once proviso......that, you take me too.........years ago I swam with basking sharks in Cornwall, they eat plancton not people, their mouths are like huge white duvet covers that oven and sieve the plancton . One of my great unfulfilled wishes is to swim with dolphins in the wild, not in a setup place, but truly in the wild. I once saw a pod swimming offshore at Lyme Regis and it was the most emotional thing, there is such a connection with dolphins and I'm sure their intelligence is no less, if more than ours.

    Gentle hugs Sandra, Foggy x

  • all aboard!

    I saw a pod at gibraltar.

    he plot of the boat must have seen many but he was quite excited - he said the adults were swimming with us but letting the babies run with the boat! for their first time!

    emotional & magic

  • plot=pilot

  • Oh how very special for you - Foggy is a jelly bean

    Foggy x

  • For me it's South Africa.....Cape Town in particular. Sunshine, blue, blue sky, mountains, fabulous beaches, vineyards, wine and food to die for, whales, dolphins and great White sharks, seals galore, good friends and when you want a little excitement a quick flight to Joberg, a scenic drive to the Kruger and then safari! A perfect place. Also not as violent as we are led to believe in the press.

  • Perth Australia to see my family who live there.We are hoping to go next year, will take a bit of sorting as neither of us can travel for long periods. It will be worth it though!

  • I would like to transport myself to Tenerife I love it there and it has winter sun .Im going to live there one day soon ,away from tourist areas of course .x

  • Hi all from not so sunny Huddersfield we are blessed with snow showers and have had them for the past few days but it doesn't stay long which is good, hope it gets better before Tues as I have to go shopping not fun eaven with my scooter I'm still left worn-out ah well such is life . Sithy

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