If we had the energy there are enough of us fibromites to make a political party

Then we could roll into power disband atos change all the ESA, DWP, DLA rules to get what we deserve.... Anyone on here want to be leader ... I refuse to go on tv and look 10lbs heavier than I am already. Trouble is with fibro fog we would all forget our manifesto...

Ahh it,s nice to dream of a fair society where people don,t look at us in disbelief and we are forced to fight tooth and nail for things other categories of disability get easily....but I am afraid if we formed a fibro party there would be some uneducated wit some where calling us the bone idle party.

Back to reality

VG x

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  • Actually I think you have an excellent idea there VG... maybe not political but something along those lines... Mmmm House of Commons welcomes House of PainPower... x

  • Why does the leader have to be thin? I'm shaped like a Teletubbie and wouldn't mind the job if I was well enough - but I'm not so someone else will have to do it!

    TinkieWinkie xx

  • Lol they don't have to be thin just added that to rule myself out .... Plus with my fibro fog I would forget what I was saying halfway through... Though my OH says I would make a great politician as I never answer a question

    VG x

  • Well I am thin...;-( but would struggle with the red tape...and people talking out of their backsides...so rules me out... However I do think you are on to a good idea... x

  • im with you on this one, im am thin as well and it ant much fun :(( and would also sruggle with the red tape an people that aint gotta clue what we have to live with! good idea as a lot of politions talk out there backsides lol xx

  • Can you imagine standing up to debate something and then having to sit back down because you forgot why you stood up and what you were going to say ha ha !.

    Piggie hugs xxxxx

  • Boris has made a career out of it; well he talks as if he has the national supply of brain fog lol

    Julie xx

  • Ha ha. When ever I think of him I remember when he got stuck on that zip wire. Sooooo funny.

    Pinkie hugs xxxxx

  • Me too lol! Priceless viewing and so funny! Wasn't he great dancing at the Olympics too doing his Dad-Dancing! lol! ;) :P

  • And I could say 'could you repeat that', now I am going deaf at a rate of knots lol :)

  • We would all have to meet up and put it all down on paper knowing our luck we would forget where we would be meetiny ah whel such is life. Sithy

  • if this ever comes off i hope they shove the lot of em in a very big room and forget about them just like they are doing now with disabled and ill people. ATOS who dont give atos, DWP ( deaf,wet.people,) the present government especially cameron,clegg ian duncan smith osbourne and all the rest who have taken part in this manhunt ...not forgetting the papers that got the hate campaign going.,oh and the big fat bankers too .lol. as verygrumpy says,...its good to dream/lol.

  • I wouldn't worry about forgetting what was in the manifesto, 'cause they all do that anyway. All politicians use rhetoric/waffle, somehow dont think anyone would notice any difference listening to me waffle/lose thread/back-track etc. Do you know, maybe not such a crazy idea after all? No, really, you might be onto something! Just imagine, up the revolution! up against the wall ATOS - bang, bang, bang... Right you've got me on board....Just hang on it will only take me about an hour to get out of bed.... um, maybe not today though eh? :)

  • Great idea VG!! I've been wishing for something like that for a while. I'm sure between us on good days we could pull it off..... Even starting as an online lobby........Right where do we start? Thanks for firing me up this morning!!

  • Woohoo! Count me in and I am happy to volunteer as leader.........just as long as if we fail the task, Alan Sugar doesn't point at me and say "You're Fired" lol ;)

    ps tulips I love your post...made me giggle lol

    pps Power to the People signing off from Citizen Smith x

  • I have a name for the Party-- The Fibromighty Party!

    Cheers, Midori

  • loving the name x

  • Brilliant name Midori, love it! :)

  • Sounds like a great idea VG, if we got in the chances are we would all be accused of being biased because of our disablities xxxxxx

  • Aha no they couldn't you can't verbally abuse people with disabilities ... Not politically correct.... Grins sneakily.... Though of course we will be biased in fibro sufferers .....we have suffered enough!!!!!!

    VG x

    Love the name fibromighty party... And it shall be written in big letters .... Or we,ll forget it.... Or get it wrong and call ourselves fibro nightly tarty.....

  • haha or in my case the mighty fybro farters lol but fighters sounds better! fybromighty party good name,i i rember lol x

  • This is a brilliant Idea. Does anyone know if someone like ( Johnsons Coaches for instance) Could take all of us willing and able to Downing Street to Petition about the way we are being treated. This would get the attension of the Press and we could then refer to ourselves as the FIBROMIGHTY PARTY. re Coaches I mean a good Discount. We could all write up a little of our own stories and hand copies in to Downing Street. Then also give copies with extra details or our Atos/ Dla experiences to the Press Association. Would be Wicked.


  • Great idea, if only we had the energy x

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