pain again

Hi all,

just a quick question, does anyone suffer with pain in the rib area? last few days i have had horrid painin rib area during the night turning over in bed has been terriable. lack of sleep is nothelping, had to take my high dose of Tramidol last night to try and get some sleep managed 5 hours which is great for me but pain not letting up.


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  • Yes I often have rib pain sometimes can be starting from the spine to under the breast and a lot of the time under my left arm a nd down my left side as I sleep (ha ha) on that side. It can sometimes feel like a heavy dull burning pain and is very sensitive to touch as if it's badly bruised. My husband squeezed me to tightly one day and I was in agony for a week I felt as if I had been run over by a bus

  • hi there

    thanks for your response. like you i tend to get more pain on my right side and it dont half hurt. the worst time is when i am trying to turn over in bed from righ to left and my god the whoole house knows that i haev turned over. guess they will just have to live with just as i have to. husband is good though he always runs me a lovely hot bath and lights my lavnder candles which help me to relax. will have a word with my doctor at hospital on Wednesday and push for a proper diagnosis. fingers crossed he does not just brush me off.

    kind regards


  • I can sympathise . I have costo-chondritis which is inflamation of the rib cage and it is terrible. I can't wear a bra or any tight clothing around that area and it often feels as though someone has given my rib area a good kicking or has burnt it or a combination of both. It is difficult alot of the time to lean back on a chair as the ribcage at the back is so painful and as Janet says even a gentle squeeze can leave you in agony for ages. When I had the symptoms initially they never lasted more than 2 weeks and I had had only two bouts with several years apart but then what it started and has never ceased and as I have alot of other health problems that particular pain can really get me down. Hope both of your symptoms ease soon as I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy. Hugs to you bothx

  • Hi dobie62

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you are having this horrid pain and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

    I must admit that rib pain was one of my first Fibro issue. It actually felt like my stomach had lifted into my ribs and was trying to force it's way out! It was horrid. Since taking Nortriptyline it hasn't been nearly as bad.

    If this continues it may help to discuss the problem with your GP?

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Yes I do mine is caused by Costochondritis which is related to Fibro, I have given up trying to wear a bra because of the pain, only ever wear a bra now when I have to go out, which is not very often as I am now mainly housebound. I am not a Dr though so you should get it checked out by your GP. Jay

  • I get different types of rib pain, and like many others cant wear a bra. These stretchy ones have been a godsend, or just go without!

    Def dont wear wired ones! With me I get Acid Reflux which causes a lot of pain up under the ribs, or i get Fibro related which the only way i can describe is like being bruised all over and is awful, even to the slightest touch, but any unusual pains that you get should be first reported to your GP He may arrange an ultrasound to check your gall bladder..... I may be wrong but i thought i heard someone say that the pain from that was worse when they were laying down..... But i may have got that bit wrong, my memory isn't great today, sorry!

    I wish you well and hope you get some relief soon xx

  • Try going to a pain specialist, OpanaER works for me.

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