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HI all,

Just a quick question, do you have any problems with blurred vision? I've had a problem with my eyes since I was little and my prescription has very recently changed. However during the last couple of weeks I've had almost continuous blurred vision in my left eye. I'm going to see my gp on wednesday about it, but I'm just wondering if it's a fibro thing? It could just be that my eyesight is getting worse and I need referring to an eye clinic but if other people have had this same problem then it's something I can tell my doctor.

Gentle fibro hugs


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  • Hi Kim yes blurred vision is a fibro problem it is when the eye muscles become tired that vision becomes blurred. other fibro problems with eyesight is difficulty focusing and constantly changing vision leading to a regular need to change perscription glasses, but please get your eyes checked anyhow in case it is something else. hugs sue xx

  • I as m sure if it is fibro related and I am sure that someone will be able to tell you, but dry eyes can cause blurred vision. My left eye was dry and I had blurred vision in it. Artificial tears and drinking more water seems to have sorted it. Your gp will get you sorted if it is dry eyes. Good luck on Wednesday. :)

  • I had this a few years ago in one eye and my optician told me it was down to an anti-depressant I was taking. After a change of medication it was fine, so might be worth checking with your GP if it's related to what medication you are on.

  • Hi babebatista

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? In answer to your question, yes! Fibromyalgia can create blurred and / or double vision. I have pasted you a couple of links below explaining why:

    It is always advisable to visit your optician on a regular basis so they are aware of the problem. I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Blurred vision is associated with myofascial pain syndrome, which 70% of people with fibro have. It is a symptom of MPS, where muscles develop a knot in the middle, the knot causes the muscle to tense and shorten, with pain and distortion of muscle function. You can also get double vision, pain in the eye, and dry eyes with MPS. I had such problems in accommodation with MPS at one time that I had to go around with 8 pairs of glasses and constantly changing them to try to get my eyes in focus. In UK the association between fibro and MPS is not understood properly. See the book by Chris Jenner Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome - Chris Jenner is a UK doctor who specialises in pain management.

  • How tired the eyes are at the time of test and when the last dose of medication was taken all feed into the mix for me Peripheral vision going is one of my warnings that the battery is flat and for the scientists out there explains what is not working when the focus is not under control.

  • In the end my consultant at Moorfields decided I should have my own lens removed and have an artificial lens implanted - the same op as cataracts although I didn't have cataracts but it was done for pain and vision problems, and that seemed to solve all of the eye problems - the dryness persisted for a year or two but then even that stopped - the op was in 2011 and so far it seems to have worked really well.

  • I have been plagued by this over the past couple of years, but found it started to settle down after a change around and reduction in medications I was taking.. I have to admit that my eyes have since settled..

    I also found that wearing glasses just for close up work, like computer etc instead of wearing varifocals helped me too.

    I guess we are all different so what helps one of us may not help us all, but i did find that changing opticians helped as well, as did using saline/artificial tears, eye drops helped as well.

    I do hope you get some relief soon xx

  • Thank you so much all of you for replying to my question. I've certainly learned a lot from reading your answers. I will let you know how I get on on wednesday.

    Thank you so much xx

  • Hi babebatista, My optician who is very knowledgeable with fibro told me that Fibromyalgia does cause problems with the eye muscles and can vary day to day according to how our fibro is. I had to change my prescription again in less than a year as my close vision seem to change yet again and my right eye was more of a problem with blurred vision than my left. I wear Varifocals but now I also have 'reading' glasses for close work/reading but even then some days my sight changes so even they don't always work properly. I also suffer with migraine and eye pain as well as other Fibro symptoms and arthritis and osteoporosis. I also have Trichiasis, ingrowing eyelashes on the lower lid of my right eye, My hubby has to pluck the eyelashes out for me. I had laser treatment to try to stop the lashes growing but my my eye surgeon said they'd probably grow back again. He gave my husband a pair of special surgical tweezers so save me keep going back to the surgeon to have the lashes removed. I've got quite use to my husband doing it and it doesn't hurt at all. I seem to have more trouble with the right side of my body but I had 3 mini strokes when I was 28 so there is a weakness on that side of my body. Fibro can cause so many symptoms but always best to check it out with your GP or optician or consultant if you are worried or have 'new' symptoms. Fibro can 'mimic' all sorts of symptoms of other illness but always check any symptoms out of you are worried. Take care and hope all goes well for you.

  • Hi babebasista, I also have blurred vision and dry eyes. I was diagnosed with Sjrogrens. Have you had any tests? Xx

  • Hi flossy,

    Thank you for your message. My eyes aren't dry which is a puzzle because many people have mentioned dry eyes. The blurryness is more prone to the left eye but if anything I do get it in both of the eyes but they are always watery/wet if you like. I don't think i've ever had dry eyes is that when the stuff in the eyeball has gone? I don't know what dry eyes means. I will look up Sjrogens and mention it to the doctor tomorrow. Thank you for your message. Gentle hugs xxx

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