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Hi all,

I've worn glasses permanently now since I was 18. Gradually my vision has got worse and worse. I can't see anything if I take my glasses off unless I have it right practically up to my nose. I'm going for a sight test next week as I feel that my vision has worsened. I keep seeing black circles out the corner of my eye and I keep thinking it's spiders and I am petrified of them. Has anyone else had this? I also keep thinking I'm seeing things crawling all over me and the house, it's driving me crazy. I'm hoping its just my eyes as I seem to have a lot of blurred vision lately. They could just be tired. I found out when I was 18 that I get migraines but I suffer with them behind my eyes so the blurriness could be that also. I just wondered if it could be a fibro thing? Why not everything else seems to be haha. Please let me know if you have had things like this and what you've done to help with it? Many many thanks in advance xxx

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  • Hello, I often have problems focusing my eyes when I am tired or fatigue levels are high, Its been happening all day today.i have read that it because the muscels in our eyes get tired and dont react quickly enough. Also could the black spots be bubbles of air inside the eye ball, if so they are harmless and will go on their own.Good luck at your sight test and i hope the outcome is good hugs from Sue

  • Hi Mayrose,

    I've been to my optician this morning and my prescription has changed quite a bit actually. So glad I made an appointment. He also understood when I mentioned the spots on the floor and the spiders. So I pick up my glasses on Sunday and fingers crossed I'll be okay then. Thank you so much for your reply. Gentle Hugs to you xxxx

  • Hi babebatista

    I too have been having problems with my sight now for few weeks. Its really been worrying me as I too cant see without my glasses any more. Some days even with my glasses its bad. I was only at the opticians a couple of months ago and had to get stronger glasses but I was able to see without my glasses no bother now everything's blurry and fuzzy. I went to doc last monday and he checked them he said to make an appointment with my optician. Are you going to see your optician? Some days are worse than others and on them days I be so grumpy but I think thats due to worrying over it.

    Please keep me informed as to how you get on will you?

    Sending hugs


  • Hi Kittyfisher,

    I've been for my appointment today and my prescription has changed. I told him about my blurred vision and the spots and spiders I keep seeing. I'm so glad he understood me! It's always best to have your eyes checked with the optician's, I'm so glad that I went today. I pick my new glasses up on Sunday. Gentle hugs xxx

  • Over the past year or so i have suffered blurred vision and apart from my sight prescription, my eyes were ok, in the end we put it down to meds, i also suffer from very dry eyes and use drops all the time. Prior to using drops my eyes were very painful.

    I think you are doing the right thing getting checked.

    What as helped me is, because i haven driven in over a year i dont really have a need for distance vision so am ok normal distance, but need glasses to see small print, so instead of wearing my varifocals that i have done for years, he made me a pair equivalent to reading glasses but with my own prescription, they slip down my nose enough so i can see to type online but can see over the top to watch the TV at the same time if i want to. As a rule i dont need to wear them around the house, but i do have to use them to read food labels etc.

    I certainly found this solution helped me.

    I wish you luck, and hope the spiders go soon xx

  • Hi Fibro,

    Thank you for your reply. I went the optician's yesterday and my prescription has changed quite a bit in my right eye so I pick up my new glasses on Sunday. I told the optician about the spiders and was quite pleased when he knew what I was on about. I didn't want to sound like a mad women lols. Gentle hugs xx

  • Glad to hear you are getting the right care. It makes so much difference when you feel you can tell the optician and he understands what you are trying to say. I hope that your new specs make a big difference for you xx

  • Hi Fibro

    Thank you. I know what you mean about people understanding what you say, its so hard with this illness because we ourselves don't fully understand it and I don't think we ever will as I'm still learning about my body and the changes it's going through because of my fibro and my M.E. I'll let you know on Sunday what my new specs are like, it'll probably take me some time to get used to them. Hugs xxx

  • I suffer with dry eyes and also have lots of black spots & shadows in eyes,i work in tesco and 3 weeks ago the shadows were a lot worse so the optician took a look and made an emergency appointment at hospital for next morning,i have a pvd where the gel in the eye detaches from the retina so have to be careful for a few weeks.

  • Hi liquer,

    Thank you for your reply. I did go to the optician yesterday and I do need new glasses. I have a problem with the discs behind my eyes apparently they are higher than normal but its the same in both eyes so the optician said its nothing for me to worry about. I pick up my new glasses on Sunday so hopefully all should be good again soon. Gentle hugs xx

  • Hi babebabista, so pleased eyes ok ,i go hospital monday just to check if retina ok eye still blurred hope it goes ok.xx

  • I'll be thinking of you, hope all goes well, please let me know how you get on? HUgs xx

  • Hi babebatista, just to let you know everything went ok yesterday just got to go back if black spots get any worse, given me different eye drops.hope you are well.xx

  • Hi Liquer,

    Thank you for letting me know how you got on. Hopefully the eye drops will help you with the black spots. It is a bit scary though isn't it? I always think I'm going mental when I see them. It does seem to be a common thing though. Glad that your appointment went well. Keep in touch, gentle hugs xxxx

  • I have had problems with my eyes since I was diagnosed in 2011 , my eyes change every 9 months now and I also have dry eye syndrome now that they say is related to my fibromyalgia , I see things and have double vision so have had to have prisms put in my glasses but all this is since my illness started. Hope this is some help to you

  • Hi Wanita,

    Thank you for your reply. I did visit the optician yesterday and I need new glasses. My last eye test was 3 years ago and I was in the first throws of this awful illness which certainly hasn't helped me at all. Hopefully my new glasses should help things. Gentle hugs xx

  • Me to, I started having blurred vision about two years ago optician sent me to the hospital had all the tests and nothing was found, also get very dry eyes and use a gel daily, And I get migraines too, I think it must all be a part of Fybro as so many of us get eye problems

  • Hi Jessam,

    I did visit the optician who told me my prescription has changed and I pick up new glasses on Sunday. I think fibro does change things because my illness started for me about 3 years ago and that's about the last time my eyes were tested. Thank you for your reply. Gentle hugs xx

  • I have the black shapes n keep thinking im seeing spiders too

  • Hi Lia,

    Do you wear glasses? If so perhaps you need to have a sight test. Although the optician sympathised with my seeing the black circles and spiders he didn't say what it was. I'm now thinking its a result of my eyes simply changing. For people that wear glasses one eye is always better than the other and one has to work harder for the one that can't. My husband wears glasses occasionally and he sees the circles and spiders too. I think its just something that happens. If your seeing the circles and spiders on a more recent basis then I'd see an optician like I did. I did mention my fibro to the optician because i'm still finding out what this illness does to us. I find things almost every day that's fibro related. Let me know if you decide to go to an optician. Gentle fibro hugs xxxx

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