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Treble Vision

I am new to this site and hope to see if others can tell me of their experiences of the same issues i have.

I have had the problem with my eyes for many years now that i cannot even remember the year. I have nothing that i do to set them off as i have written down the events of when they occur.

The episodes can last from minutes to hours and differ in severity, when i look in the distance vehicles for example are on top of each other in treble vision and my vision is blurred to the point i cannot read and cannot stand due to being disorientated.

I have other issues concerning my health where i am under a Consultant in Neuropsychiatry

and a professor of Neurology and neither can give me an answer to my vision issues.

I kindly look forward to replies

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I do have the double vision, and difficulty focussing. have you told your gp or consultants?




Hi Sandra

My GP has known for many years of my condition, and as i said, the professor of Neurology who i am under and the Consultant in Neuropsychiatry has no answers to what it is or why it is happening.

So i am on here to find out what other people with the same condition has to say.


hi menace,

sometimes that's the only way to find out. my mri [for another matter] came back clear and my neurologist couldn't define it either.



hi am sufferin a lot more with pain than i did before, i also now get very itchy eyes, they water and then my vision goes blury, and for about a week now i have had this headache and feeling light headed like i want to faint,, x


Sandycat,must really answer your question pronto. Have put my experience on here before so if anyone has read it already, I do apologise.

About 6 weeks ago I suddenly became very ill, Had been having the same symptoms as yourself but just ignored them. Then, about 9.p.m. one evening became very sick and vomiting. Went to bed to try and sleep it off. AT 3,30am I could stand it no longer and by then noticed the sight in my left eye I had almost disappeared. Called ambulance and put on drip. To cut a long story short I had developed Glaucoma, just like that, through ignoring all the signs. Was stabilised through emergency treatment and eventually had laser surgery 4 weeks ago. Unfortunately for some reason it failed on that occasion and I have today had another flare up and had to go back to the hospital as an emergency where more laser treatment has been done and am to go back on Friday (smashing headache but laser treatment absolutely painless. Dont know what the outcome is going to be but have been warned that if this nausea rises its head, any time I;ve got to get there asap.

So please, please get to your optician or local eye clinic and have the pressure in your eyes tested - it doesn.t hurt at all. But when I read your blog I just had to answer right away. Please dont neglect it.

Hope this has helped.


Hi Abbeystead, thank u very much for your letter. i will make an appointment to go to optition, as my head still dont feel right, i get very nauseaus, all i want to do is sleep, x


Sandyccat. Hope you did go. Please let me know what happenned. I'm back at hospital at 2.12. Spent all day in bed. Have had to make a rota of when to put drops in. Every 2 hours in one eye and every 4 hours in left eye. Still feel nauseous but that would be down to all the other stupid illnesses I've got. Would love to get out and be able to dig garden. Maybe if I hadnt been so mad in the past and taken things at a slower pace I wouldnt be like this now. Still we wont be told will we till it catches up on you. Best wishes and take me if you like.



Sandycat. Dr in hospital also told me to ignore my Dr when he puts this down to Fibro. He admitted that once they get a tag to link everything you go to them with they will put the blame down to that. I told him that as I live with so much pain every day with ME/FM/CS I just put everything down to that. He said I mustnt in future. Luckily we are very well served for hospitals where I live (Liverpool) and they are easily accessible. Feel so sorry for those who have to travel so far.


Hi Menace,

My daughter and I both get this occasionally. We say its like looking out of a kaleidascope or a fly's eye.May last from minutes to a couple of hours. I have read somewhere that it is linked to Fibro. It is a strange sensation and goes as quickly as it came on. I told my doc and he was uninterested so guess its not dangerous

Dont know what causes it either,

Luckycharm xxxx


Have you had your eyes tested recently? I have this and in my case it's down to cataracts. I am awaiting surgery.

Cheers, Midori


I have suffered with my right eye for several years now. It 'feels' as if I am looking through a net curtain with that eye, yet every eye test etc I have done finds no reason. I wear glasses and contact lenses (when I can put them in) and the funny feeling of not seeing properly happens which ever I am wearing.Thought it might just be when I was wearing my contact lenses, but still the same when I wear my glasses. They cause another problem. Even tho it is only light pressure, if I wear my glasses for more than a few hours a day, I get bruises running from the top of my nose to down under my eye, as if I have 2 black eyes. Not an attractive sight. I look a bit like a battered woman at times. I see my optician at least yearly sometimes more frequently and nothing has come to light to suggest a tangiable problem. Another of FM's little mysteries? Xx


I have had regular eye tests and even the optician said he has never know anyone that has the problem, but he did say in his opinion it's a neurological issue.

I have to say, i thought i was the only one with the problem until i came across this site, and on the other hand the doctors i am under have never heard of the problem before? very confusing?


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