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Evening All. Hiw are you all doing today?

I seem to have the sleeping bug/ I was okay this morning but at about 12.00

I became increasingly exhausted. So I have spent the afternoon sleeping

Not a lot to be done about it could not stay awake how ever hard i TRIED.


So I am about now any one need a hand? I am putting the kettele on who has got the biscuit is it you badger?

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Here you are Gins bicuits coming over. Iam off to bed cant stop the RSL but it will sometimes settle once Im in bed, my fault I was late taking ropinreole. Nite nite hugs sue


Hope you sleep well tonight xgins


Hi there gins, how are you now, I've been sleeping on and off today too, when u do decide to make the drink only a dash of milk for me and no sugar plzzz thanx, I have some hot cross buns with cranberry if u fancy one ....Dee xx


Love a hot chocolate right now, cheers. Might set me up for bed time. Brain doesn't want to switch off- makes a blooming change from when it switches off in mid conversation in the day! Hugs for chocolate,Julie x


Hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful and regenerating sleep.

Take care

Ken x


Hi Gin, Yes I know the feeling spent most of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the same boat made a lemon cake with lemon butter icing on Sunday so could cut a couple of pieces hope you are getting throught it and coming out of the other side cheers

Big hugs


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