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Morning Every one how are you all today

Morning Every one   how are you all today

I do want to wish all our water logged friends luck! I hope this weather system leaves us soon we really have had more than enough. Now the whole country needs a solid bank of warm air no rain sunshine. To help all our flooded friends I realize empathy is not enough - their problems make ours look somewhat small.

Heres hoping Spring will arrive and cheer our spirits.

gentle hugs


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Good morning Gins it`s now gone rather dull here. I hope we are not about to get snow like yesterday. It only lasted half hour or so and we had 2". I am glad it didn`t last longer, any way how are you this dull and soggy day? hugs sue


I also join you in thinking of those caught up in the dreadful weather system that sadly looks to hit hard again for the next few days.

Us guys in the North are not safe this time with gales and snow heading our way enough to probably close the A66 according to Carol on BBC Breakfast News.

My heart and thoughts go out to everyone

:) xxxsianxxx :)


I'm with you there gins, the only trouble is I heard this morning that this wet weather is going to last till May, please god they are heart goes outo ll those unfortunate people but I do feel a lot more of usgoingtosuffer before its over, our country at the moment seems to be taking on the monsoon weather of Africa or wherever they have it, .....gentle hugs...Dee x


Like you all, I don't know how people are coping. I especially think of those who are ill and in pain. So, although in pain, I am warm and dry (no flooding as yet in my part of Lincolnshire). Let's count our blessings and pray for them all and especially our fibromyalgia friends. Love and hug flossy xx


From your soggy correspondent in the west country it's absolutely horrendous here, the river is covering the fields all around and water is running off the fields on the hillsides, the ground is so waterlogged it can't hold any more, which isn't surprising, If Dee is right and this is going to last until May I think I'm going to dig a big hole (or get someone to do it for me) and jump into it, either that or migrate.

It's incredible though how it pulls people together, I was having lunch on Sunday with my great friends and they are farmers, they were saying how many local farmers were contributing silage to those farmers who've had to bring their stock in from the fields, and the farmers are travelling miles and miles to support the badly effected ones.

That's the good side of human nature coming out in a crisis, but oh how I wish it would end !!!

Foggy x


Hi gins

I am with you on that one. Mind you, if we have a solid week of no rain and sunshine we will have a hose pipe ban by the following week! I'm not being cynical, honestly.

I think that I have been very lucky living in Derby, the East Midlands hasn't really suffered like many other regions.

Take care

Ken x


Everyone take care with the bad weather , love to all down south , xx


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