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Hope you are all beginning to feel festive,

Is the sparkle beginning to show, I find once the decorations are up I glitter in place unmentionable until the decs are packed away!

The cake is iced well covered in nuts and marzipan fruit as it is a gluten dairy free cake. It looks very moist and I think it will be good with cream or ice cream. :) Why is it food takes over so much of are lives.

I am in difficulties today I have arthritis ad osteoporosis as well as Fibro and I suspect something we.nt in my back last night.

The vertabrae just above you bra strap is the one so if any one fancies a chat aboutr it let me know. It is not Fibro but we do not have an osteoporrosis site which is a cshame.

I am just going to tootle off xgins

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Morning gins,I also have a lot of pain in the area you mention and on my X-ray I had done years ago there was a flattened vertebra but don't know what that means.Cake sounds lovely!Iam finding myself in a lot of pain again and energy is being depleted again so although Iam mentally in the Xmas spirit physically Iam not!Hope to speak to you soon xxx


Well hello gins and Haribo what a fine mess we're all in at the moment !!!

So sorry you're battling pain its never ending at this time of year and I'm also succumbing to its knock-on effects. I've been in my jim jams for days and not been able to get about much but my hibernation nest is comfy :D :D :D

Gins you do too much xxx slow down and rest a while we can't have you hibernating over Christmas :o the kids wouldn't let you :D

I agree with H mentally I'm with the festiveness but physically I'm not good :( but I don't have children coming to the house just two neighbours and it'll be quiet :D so i Shall send you both some extra energising and healing fluffies as I don't need to have as much energy as you two do :)

Happy snuggling :) xxxsianxxx :)


Hi gins,

afraid my Christmas sparkle is missing at the moment. if anyone has some to spare, please send me some.




Hi Jilly lucky for you gins and H didn't get them all so here you are hunny....

......................... energising fluffies with sparkle attached



i havent found my christmas sparkle yet managed a bit of xmas shopping today as oh had day off from work now resting on sofa as i have my 3 year old grandaughter all day tomorrow and i"ll need all the enegy i can get



Hi gins, my sparkle is hiding in a cupboard ready to surprise me, I'm sure it will arrive by this time next week.

Like you, I also have arthritis and osteoporosis, as you know I've had spinal fractures. The thoracic area is a very susceptible area, the trapezius starts there, and as the biggest muscle ends up causing a lot of problems to people. I actually raised this with brilliant GP Barry this morning when he was playing darts with my shoulder as the target. he happily told me that all my problems with my trapezius would be fine when I got rid of Fibro, which he quickly followed up with, "which isn't possible" ....... made my day :o A lot of people seem to find that spot between the shoulder blades as a place which flares up when they are stressed, I know if I get sharp pain there that it has been caused by stress and can normally work out why and what, which seems to help to a degree, but I would always recommend having it checked by your GP or having an x-Ray just to rule out anything more serious.

Sending you huge amounts of positive healing vibes :-)

Foggy x


Guys thank you one and all I am sending you sparkle as we speak. We are so lucky to have such a marvelous group of people on this site I really dont know where we would be without each other. Thanks for the comfort reassurance and encouragement it is marvelous :D

I do have osteoporrossos -never could spell - in the run up to Christmas it is an extra bore. So I have more pain killers and am sitting very straight getting others to do things for me, (I promised I would)

I find the extra morphine makes me feel sad not me at all.

Anyway thanks for being there hugs to you all xgins


Christmas is about joy .This year hubby put up chrimble lights(no tree as have new puppy),what joy I did not even have to ask him!

Joy also all pressure wrapped by 10th this year.

More Joy our son comes back from Far East for this year.

Even more joy 1st grandchild due in less than 2 months!

So let's look for anything that gives JOY!


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