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stop what you are doing


close your eyes and listen. Breath deeply, in seven, out eleven. LISTEN. What can you hear? A car outside? Birds? A washing machine? An airplane? Children?

Try to focus on each sound as you breathe. Usually we filter out background sounds. A good meditation, easy and you can do it anywhere for five or ten minutes, is to stop and listen to those sounds we filter out. Build up a 'sound picture' don't forget your breathing. Try to hear all the sounds at once like a sort of collage of sound. Empty your head of everything else.

Practice this every day.

Peace and calm to you all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Nice :-)

Hi Spidey

This was one of the meditation techniques we learnt at pain management and if you can try to do some mediation it does help, some days you will have to much going on within (pain) it is not easy (not Doable) but if you can put aside some time for yourself then that will help.

Thanks Spidey for the reminder, I have not done it for a while so a slap on the wrist (gentle) is due.

Take care and Kindest regards



Sounds heaven.... only thing is I have tinnitus so all I hear is buzzin' and ringing like a buzzin' rigging thing .

I do like to sit near the open window and hear the birds at the bird table. It does calm the fibro beast... I love birdie :O) x

Big soft hugs and a healing kiss x for the tip, I know it will help anyone that tries it.

I was going to say the same as Andie, but I use my works Ipad Podcast Apps to access free meditation music and quiet talk through. Helps me nod off sometimes and helps with my tinnitus too - can't here that noise! Its lovely.

Swear by the meditation methods though. Helps to destress you as you have to let go.

Soft hugs and thanks for this.


Lovely,I like this,thank you Spidey!xxx


If only..... my bloody next door neighbour has been banging all day!

Sounds wonderful......but for me it won't work as my ears where damaged after a bout of measles when I was five,.....(so all you mum's out there who have not had the little one vaccinated do it now it really can cause damage it is no myth) I have got older what residual hearing I had is now failing and don't hear at all without my aids, I am now being monitored for a cochlear implant. I was told of a way to relax without sound for my restless legs. what you do is concentrate on parts of the body starting with your left/ right big toe whichever you prefer, once it feels relaxed go to the other toes then the feet knees hips torso right up to the top of your head, I do listen to soft music and whale song from my portable device sometimes as I have ear loops which work with the aids......still would be nice to hear things like birds the wind the rain. but it is not to be.

I was lucky I had measles when I was 2 my brother and I had it at the same time he was 4 we both had no problems our mum tucked us up on the sofa him one end me the other, every few minutes he would call her in she would ask what and he would say I love you bless him, I also made sure my girls had their jabs my daughter has made sue my grandson is getting all of his he will be 2 in June. Sithy

Forgot to mention she had the curtains closed as bright sun light and measles don't mix it can make you go blind or so I've been told

I remember having measles whn I was little. Mum did indeed make sure the curtains were drawn.My first daughter suffered from neo natal fitting so was not allowed to have the measles or the whooping cough jabs. Consequently the docs erred on the side of caution with my twins who came next and they did not have the measles jab. They both got measles!!! It was horrible. staying up all night with them, they were very ill. Fortunately they (and myself) had no side effects.

I would advise everyone to get their children vaccinated unless it it is indicated not to. We were all ver lucky. Afriend caught measles when she was pregnant from her two yr old daughter. The daughter ended up with brain damage and her son, when born had cerebral palsy.

It is a dreadful disease. What is happening in Wales right now is tragic.

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