Hi all, had knuckle replacement op, and doing ok

Hi all my fibro friends. It seems so long since I have been in touch, but, having had such a lot of trouble with my computer, it evenutally gave up the ghost, but I have just borrowed this one until I can get another. However, I have had my knuckle on the left hand replaced last Tuesday, and so far, all is going well in that department, it will take about 9 months altogether, but having had 2 other ops like this, I`m now getting used to it. I can`t say I`m doing too well at the moment on the fibro front, [ sleeping is worse than ever, headaches, aches and pains just about everywhere else, and the tiredness is awful etc ] and I am at times so stupid, because I still find it quite hard to admit that I am having ` flare ups` so keep trying to do everything as I would normally, when am I going to learn? however, enough of my whinging and whining, how are the rest of you gettinng on? [ by the way, please excuse any mistakes as I am in plaster, and trying to type with on e hand, not terribly easy ]I do hope you are all having not too bad a time, I really have missed not being able to read your blogs. I am going to try and keep up with what is going on whilst I have this computer, however, I think this is enough for me right now, but lots of hugs and well wishs to you all, keep positive and active if you can, and when you`re feling not so well, try and distract yourselves by doing other things, it does work. God bless


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  • Glad you are ok get well soon xgins

  • Thanks gins. Have been trying to catch up with what`s been going on, see you`re still as nutty as ever, love it, keep it up. L yndia x

  • Hi lyndia sorry to hear you've not been so good, your right about the tired thing, I've never been so tired in all my life I us to be able to fight it but can't any longer,maybe it's my age, I'm 72 so maybe that has one thing to do with it lol, it's nice to see you back, hop your op continues to progress well, gentle hugs to you ...Dee x

  • Hi Dee. Thanks for your message. Like you, I`m in my 70s [ 76 actually ] and because I have always been so practical and with it, I find it very difficult to take on board I have a problem, cos, I don`t believe in problems, I always try to deal with things,, but this fibro has certainly turned the tables on me now, especially as in the past I have had many serious illnesses of different things, and always managed to come through, but perhaps it is as you say, we are getting older and it`s taking it`s toll more., however, onward and upwards [ whatever that means] keep positive, distraction is the best policy, and just keep going,[ but, God, it`s so hard somtimes when you`re aching all over, you`re dizzy, your head feels as though a blood vessel has just burst in it, and you`re so tired, you can hardly stand up] I do go dancing still which is a miracle, so, I know I`m still alive. Hope you feel better soon, lots of hugs, and keep plodding on.

    Lyndia x

  • Morning gins, how r u today, as lyndia say your still as nutty as ever, but in a nice way, you make me laugh anyways and we can all do with a bit of that......by the way gins o you know How VG is, haven't seen he on here for sometime now, hope she is ok, gentle hugs...Dee x

  • Morning Cookie,

    I am delighted that I am nutty hopefully fruit and nutty but always in a nice way :) So sorry to say my friend VG is no longer with us she decided she needed a change nothing drastic or sinister just as we all do some times a change is a rest. I miss her banter like anything so anyone up for the challenge of playing silly games contact me. So she is fine just not with us for a bit. I have just read a line from above and as happens to me now more and more I read piddling instead of plodding hehe you have to laugh dont you.

    Have a good day xgins

  • morning lyndia. As a newbie, I just wanted to say hi, tell you how brave you sound despite having such a rotten time and that your typing is better than mine any day of the week!! rest up at the minute and allow yourself plenty of time

  • can't use this crappy laptop . ... allow yourself plenty of time to recover. chin up girl. hugs... lorraine

  • Hi Lyndia,

    Well done on surviving your ops in such fine style - you are an inspiration!

    I'm doing one-handed typing myself at the moment, thanks to an old, unhealed fracture, but am much better today, having had a butt-full of Depo-Medrone and a cortisone jab into my wrist. It sounds awful, but was all pretty painless, and I'm feeling chirpier already.

    Keep up the good work - we 'oldies' have a responsibility to show the young'uns how to survive! :)

    Moffy x

  • Hi Moffy. So nice to hear from you again, I have really missed everyone, but, hey, for the moment I`m back. Thank you for your kind words, but sorry you are having a rough time yourself.,are you having any sort of therapy, apart from the injections, and do thy think it is going to get better? It`s a bugger having these hand problems on top of everything else, is`nt it, but as you say, us `oldies` do have a responsibility to show that, whatever happens, we have to stay positive, it is the only way we can have some sort of `NORMAL` life. Keep going with the one-handed typing [ I`m getting quite good at it now ] and lots of hugs

    Lyndia x

  • Hi Lyndia,

    Thanks for your kind comments. yes, I'm taking Plaquenil as well, and having a bit of hydrotherapy, and I have to say that altogether my treatment is pretty good - I lead a fairly normal life, give or take the odd 'ouch'.

    I am managing to use one finger of my right hand to type now, which is surprisingly helpful, so I am improving a lot. maybe I could get a job as a glamorous secretary, and hopefully sit on the boss's knee (NOT!) :)

    Moffy x

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