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Vitamin D


So I’ve been on Vitamin D for around four weeks. And I’ve noticed a massive difference. My Fatigue is much less and I’ve more energy. I didn’t take it for 3 days and I shot down hill at a rate of knots and all because my poor mums been suffering too. So I gave her my pills and forgot to buy more. But i started them again and I’m going back in the right direction again. I’ve had a poor few days recently but that’s because of a bit of stress. But I’d absolutely recommend that anyone gives it a try and I’m also taking a Vit “All the B’s” supplement.

Everything’s trial and error and unless you try it then you won’t know. Hope this helps.

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My doctor put me on vit D I felt the difference as well. He also told me to take multi vits, I am not sure that I feel any better for those.

Beware too much Vitamin D is not good. It is stored in the body. So lack of Vitamin D is a problem and needs to be dealt with. Too much is a problem and so care needs to be taken.

Vitamin D is important for the immune system not just for bones.

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Thanks John im aware of this too and am having bloods done next month to check that I’m not overdoing it. Bear in mind that I live in Scotland and the weathers shit!! So if it is just vitamin D that can make me feel much better I shit you not I’m staying on it!! 😂👍

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I agree with your decision about staying on it if it helps. Vitamin D and 25-hydroxyvitamin D are stored in adipose tissue of the body.

I am on 20,000 IU of oral vitamin D about once a week. In winter 20,000 IU of oral vitamin D twice a week. Particularly if I may have a cold/flu coming on. I spend a lot of my time inside.

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Hi John Smith , how much is too much vit d3 do you think ? I'm not sure, i think i'm better on 5000 than 1000. But i dont want to overdo it and cause any other problems . Thanks KT

Dear Daisy ,

I'm so glad you are finding the vitamins a help.

I was on 1000 ius of d3 for about a year as the rheumatologist said when he diagnosed my fibro , because i have osteomyalcia. Recently i upped it to 5,000 ius because i heard somewhere that one needed more . I have noticed that pain in general is better ie. Lumbago after gardening , neck pain , knee pain etc etc. I'm exhausted but i'm battling a urine infection , been on anti biotics for ten days now, thats painful. But i must be doing something right ! ! I do take cider vinegar though every day , i believe that is said to help with pain , among other things , i also take the b vits, and glucosamine and chondritin with msm and greenlipped mussel capsules ( from Amazon ). I've been on those for years and soon notice it, like you, if i stop for a while.

I try to get all the minerals too, not least potassium in this hot weather. I take electrolyte powder . Oh and i nearly forgot , i take cbd oil spray three or four times a day. also gingko biloba for energy . You can see i believe in natural remedies where possible. I have a few pain killing drugs for fibro but prefer to use the cbd oil.

It all costs a fortune of course and I'm on the old age pension. No holiday this year i think , but then what price comparative health. ? I have a , disability car , and can visit friends and gardens ngs, and national trust etc , nearby. I'm also near Cambridge and can get a motorised buggy there. I have a motorised buggy which takes me into the town , market twice a week. So on good days i can do these things and go to my allotment , I've had made into a little garden with fruit trees , for shade.

I havent really anything to complain of. I'm in sheltered housing , a lovely flat , just about make ends meet , i never really wanted to be wealthy. So although i'm feeling a bit grumpy at the mo with this infection i should thank God that i have everything i need and i do.

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Bless you lovely. Your like me happily trotting round open gardens and visiting friends. Thankyou for your kind comment. Xx

I forgot i try to have turmeric and black pepper and ginger , they also help with pain. Anti inflamatory. I hope all the above helps you . You could of course try them one by one , as you say its all triall and error , and what helps one may not help another. KT

Hi Daisy again , just to say my daughter has been put on vit d too . I think shes feeling much better. God bless. KT

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I put my mum in it too and a complete diff in her too. X

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