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How many people in your family have Fibro

So many people have said Fibro is caused by some event in your life but i am not too sure about that. I only question this as i have an Aunt who has it, my sister has it, and my son is showing signs of it, and my daughter too.I am guessing therefore it must be born of a genectic fault . I reckon they should do some research on, who has it in your family or of course if you knew anybody that might have had it in your family before they started pushing up dasies (just making light of the subject) anyway how many of us on here have family Present and Past with Fibro

If you do not feel like writing just send a reply in the numbers

Look forward to hearing from you

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So far, in my family, I'm the only one. But at 60, who knows for the younger sibs and their kids. However, I have three older sisters and neither they nor my mom had FM nor chronic fatigue, etc. I imagine it varies a lot individually as much as it might be familial.

It will be interesting tosee what others have to say. Thanks for the topic tasha. I'm sorry to hear you have such an extensive family history of FM and I hope you're all finding ways to manage it. Must have a lot of exchanging ideas on that with your famiy members.



both my big sister and I have Fibro and we suspect mum might have had it as well.




None were diagnosed however my Mum was never really well in my memory of her. x


I am the only one in my family and like Clair I am almost 60.

My mom died young. It would have been her birthday today, but her sister. mother and aunts never showed any signs of illness.


I personally believe that there is a genetic element but I think that it is maybe a stressful situation or event that finally causes "it" to raise it's "ugly head"!

Thinking back I have always shown small signs throughout my life (IBS, inability to control body temperature ) but it was only after the birth of my youngest daughter and death of my father that the full blown condition began.

As for family member s , I believe my father showed symptoms (although his generation were not diagnosed) My cousin on my father's side has it, and my youngest daughter is showing signs (although I have not mentioned it to her... I am hoping for her sake that I am wrong!)


I wish you and your family best wishes xx


I am the only one with fibro (I also have lupus and few other conditions) my twin had lupus (she passed away in 2004), my younger sister has lupus and her twin,our bruv (my mum had 2 sets of twins) has M.E they are all immunity conditions. so sadly in one way or another they run in our family but this is the first generation to have them x


I have a suspicion that my mum, who is now 86, has had it for much of her adult life but has never been diagnosed. Many of her symptoms that she's complained about sound like fibro. I think my daughter and son (in their twenties) have signs of it but I have not mentioned it to them. I had signs of it as far back as my teens but the symptoms were mild and tended to come and go. I am now 60 and don't have fibro as badly as some others but the symptoms are definitely troublesome. I do think fibro has a family connection and that it's a faulty gene passed down the generations.

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Morning tasha

Their could be some truth in this. My daughter has back knee problems and haspioritis and piorisies and pioratic arteritis .but i have notist lately she has other symptomes which are the same as mine the tender points is one . also my older daughter has some sypmtoms joint pain , fatigue ,pains in finger and hands,and my youngest son is showing signs.I just hope for their sake it is not as i wouldnt wish fibro on anyone xx


I have 2 female Cousins (Sisters!) that have Fibro & on my Mum's side. My Mum has Rheumatoid Arthritis & Osteoperosis. We have multiple Auto Immune Disorders within the family - My Daughter has Hashimoto's Thyroiditis & many of us have various allergies, eczema & asthma. I also have Osteoarthritis but confined to my neck & upper spine. The majority stemming from my Mum's side but some from my Dad's, although not as severe.

There has been lots of debate on the cause of Fibromyalgia & because very little research has been done, it's difficult to get any answers. This is frustrating for all of us, as knowing the cause helps with the understanding! I myself believe that there may be something in the 'inherited' factor. Again, not proven due to lack of research!

There are lots of us that suffer as a result of this debilitating condition & often find that people do not respect my condition, as they see it as an 'imaginary pain' condition brought on by myself!! Absolutely not true! They have no idea! Before diagnosis 4 years ago, I had been suffering for a number of years (I'm 48) but thought that I had some sort of Rheumatic/Arthritic condition due to the fact that my Mum had RA & her parents both had similar conditions! I ignored it & pushed on. When I had to stop work due to my heart, that's when it REALLY became an issue! Being at home, not active, made me much more aware of my symptoms. I am currently suffering a great deal & am finding it very difficult to function. I cannot take ANY medication, apart from Paracetamol, due to a life threatening Cardiac Arrhythmia. The sooner they get on with some substantial research, the better!

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