If you are of working age and living on DISABILITY read this

I'm trying to reach out to as many people as possible.

Are you living on disability???

I have just found out that my local council have made changes to the council tax. (Along with every other council) It depends on where you live as to how much you pay.It is no longer a BENEFIT but a CONCESSION. Everyone of working age must now pay something. Some councils are charging a exuberant percentage rate

If your a Pensioner you are classed an ineligible to work due to your age.

But I'm unable to work due to my disability, I'm unemployable. It's not my choice, it's the deal life has handed me.

I will appeal this when I get my council tax bill, because I can't afford to pay over £70 a year. For some people this change will cost them even more. But for once I don't care about how this will affect other unless like MEBENEFIT their ILLNESS PREVENTS them from working.

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  • dont know where you live, i live in scotland, am on esa, and disability, been paying £250 pound a year for council tax for years now, so £70 doesnt seem so bad.

  • Hi,I live in Northumberland,on ESA and Disability and I have to pay 400 pound a year.Most councils are just charging a pound a week for people on benefits,so 52 pounds a year not that bad.x

  • I get housing benefit and the new rule is if you have more bedrooms than you use you will have to pay 1 bedroom 14% 2 bedrooms 20%

    I have 2 extra bedrooms and with the water rates it will be 135.00 a month. There is going to be a new benefit which you can apply for when the change starts in April. It sounds like you fit the criteria as I do. I have had my house adapted I have a through floor lift. It sounds crazy for me to move. Which I will have to do if I do not get the new benefit. Good luck to everyone it affects.

  • I'm not sure there is going to be a new benefit that you can apply for in this "bedroom tax" problem. I wrote to my MP and got a reply from Iain Duncan Smith himself which stated that they "have put an extra £30 million a year in to the discretionary housing payment budget from 2013/14". This budget is handled by your local council, but is only there for occaisonal payments, not long term, so you will only be able to apply for it should you fall in to arrears, but they will not keep this up for any duration, you WILL be expected to move to a smaller property. I too live in an adapted property with a second bedroom for my children who stay at the weekend and I will have to find 14% of my rent as it is not occupied full time. Even though I have equal joint custody of my youngest child, I still have to pay as it is her mother that claims the family allowance at her address, therefore she is resident there.

  • Hi, I've just lost my DLA mobility component as I made a mistake on the form! I have M.E, Lupus, Osteo Arthritis and Fibro and even though the panel at tribunal knew about confusion and brain fog etc, they still refused it! I have all of this after a serious assault by a patient on a forensic unit 9 yrs ago, I don't frikkin want govt money, would much rather work, but I can't, and it's unfair to us all the money we are losing.

  • I had an interview with local housing. They said there is a small fund they will use for a top up to cover the 14% i would be liable for. If I'm judged to qualify within their criteria, they will look @ how much it would cost them to move me and cost of new adaptations I would need in new home. I know you can never tell, but she seemed very nice. She said not her decision, be she thought I would qualify for the top up. This council dont have many suitable properties, and I have had quite a lot done. She said grab rails alone would not be enough. Also, the fund is not large, and so the more people assessed and qualify the smaller the top up will be.

    This is utter madness!

  • Thank you all for your comments.....

    I live alone and if I didn't have this site to share my worries with I think I'd go mad.... I realise now I should count myself lucky... But unless we all appeal then nothing will ever change

  • I kind of lucky at the moment one of my daughters has moved back Holme so I have a buffer zone she pays no board or lodging fee she buys her own food and as I do washing and cooking any way its not to muc of a strain well oh does cooking likes his food. On a plate not the floor, so we are muddling along, big gentle hugs to all. Sithy

  • Hi, there I am also on DLA live in Scotland and have to pay £50 a month towards my community charge, this has always been the case in Scotland.I do get a rent rebate but I am in a private let so I also have to pay £40 a month towards my rent.

  • Its nothing to do with getting DLA, even people on Job seekers have to pay something towards there community charge its about £23 a month from there benefit

  • Meant to also say that I dont work, I am on incapacity benefit (although filled in the esa50 form 2 weeks ago) and i also get DLA

  • I live in Wales and, fortunately, I won't have to pay anything extra as the Welsh government have found the money to cover the shortfall!!

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